What is SSD Hosting? Top 3 SSD Hosting Providers

Every webmaster dreams their website to be much faster so that their traffic is increased. May be you have an eCommerce site and want to give the best possible user experience to your customers. May be you run loads of applications and want to reduce the time visitors spent waiting to load up. Time is money and speed actually matters. After all, speed matters to customers, to business and to Google. SSD hosting gives you all the speed you need. If you are wondering what SSD hosting is then don’t worry. In this article we will see what is SSD hosting and check out some of the benefits of SSD hosting.

What is SSD hosting?

A traditional hard drive is a mechanical device with moving parts that spin around platters. So it requires time to read and write data. With SSD or Solid State Drive there are no moving parts. This means its lighting fast. For Some operation SSD perform 600 times faster than traditional HDD. So switching to SSD gives you better ranking in Google and a better experience to customers. SSD is provided with self healing high availability cloud. SSD Solid state Disk uses non volatile memory for storage which means data is not lost when power is cut off. Your valuable data is stored on several SSD on several physical servers which means the hardware related downtime is virtually eliminated. If you need more SSD disk space you can upgrade instantly. Hosting provider can also move your file if you are not sure.

Advantages of SSD

300% Faster Web Hosting Speed

SSD can be very useful for dynamic data driven websites and those with high concurrent traffic like Facebook and twitter since it makes those websites very fast. Mechanical movement of HDD takes a sizeable amount of time. In solid state drives, there are no moving parts and data is read and written simultaneously. This reduces the loading time significantly which result in improved browsing experience. Speed matters. The SSD hosting gives you faster websites which will result in more sales, more page view and more ad revenue.

Reliable and secure

The SDD hosting is more reliable since it prevents the data loss. They are more resistant to shock, vibration damage and can resist higher temperature than traditional HDD. They run more quietly, have lower access time, and less latency. However you still have to back up your website to be on the safe side. SSD consumes nearly 80% less energy than spinning drives. The only downside of the SSD hosing is its expensive price. However the price is worth the rich features and excellent service you receive.

Top SSD Hosting providers

Hosting companies nowadays are continuously trying to use new technologies to boost up the hosting speed. Among the various ways of speeding up using SSD is the most effecting method. Here are few hosting companies that have integrated the SSD technology in the best way possible.

Inmotion Hosting


Inmotion Hosting offers unbelievably fast and reliable services with easy to use control panel and supportive team. It is popular for its business hosting which can be an ideal choice for small business. The cheapest shared business package starts with $3.49/month. The Inmotion packs all its shared hosting plans with SSD instead of traditional HDD. The SSD hosting plan come with various other features like unlimited RAID-6 storage, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited email accounts etc. Pricing starts from $3.49/mo with 90 day refund guarantee which show the confident of the service the company is providing.

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What is SSD Hosting

A2hosting company is determined to give its customers fast loading websites. They offer high speed SSD hosting plans that guarantee the faster running of websites. A2Hosting has 3 SSD hosting plans covering web hosting, VPS hosting and managed VPS. The plans comes with all the standard features and technologies like unlimited RAID-10 storage, unlimited monthly transfer, CDN, optimizer, SwiftServer platform etc. The SSD hosting plans for web hosting start from $7.99/mo.


dreamhost What is SSD Hosting

Dreamhost is a popular choice which hosts more than 1.5 million websites over the world. Dreamhost has embraced SSD as its main tool to provide ultra speed to its websites. The shared web host uses the fast SSD for storage. Similarly the VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting has SSD to make them lightening fast. Similarly its dedicated Server hosting and cloud computing also uses the SSD storage.  The excellent technical support, reliability and good speed record are some of the reasons for webmasters to choose to Dreamhost.

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