What is Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

What is Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress? Posts and Pages in WordPress often create confusion for newbie. So It is necessary to know the difference between posts and pages in WordPress, if you are about to use WordPress as a content management system for your website or for your client website. But if posts and pages are not understood clearly, there will be big problem in your website.What is Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

Here in this post, you will be guided to learn about posts, pages and difference between them.

What is Posts in WordPress?

While you use WordPress as a content management system for your website, you will be creating many posts for your website. Posts are content entries which can be published under certain categories and tags that are listed in reverse sequential order by time on your website homepage or categories page or tag pages, i.e. your latest post first. And If you mark any post as a sticky posts, those posts also will appear first than those of  other posts.

Post in WordPress is a post type that is typical for and most used by blogs. Posts are normally displayed in a blog in reverse sequential order by time (newest posts first). Posts are also used for creating the feeds. Since WordPress posts are published with time and date in mind, they can be archived based on time such as month and year and they can be syndicated through the RSS feeds. You can easily integrate social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. share button on posts. Plugin makes it easy to make any posts shareable to different social networking website.

What is Pages in WordPress?

Pages are static in nature. They are timeless entities and by using them in WordPress website, you can publish contents that are not part of your blog’s main story. The best example of pages are ‘about us’, ‘contact us’, ‘privacy policy’ etc. Unlike posts, pages can’t use categories or tags and are not included in RSS feed as well. So pages can’t be organized using categories and tags and they can only be organized in a hierarchical structure. i.e. parent and child relationship.

What is Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

Here’ some of the advance features of page

  • Parent – If you have already created some pages, then you are asked if the page you are going to create will be subpage of any of the those already created pages. This section allows  you to do so. You can set pages as a child page of another page as a sub-page.
  • Template– Almost all the themes have ttemplates option while creating page. Here you see different templates which depents upon the theme developers. Theme developers defines the different template options such as ‘Full Page’, ‘Contact’, ‘Blog’ etc.
  • Order – By default, all the pages are listed in alphabetical order. You can order all your page by using this order option.

What is Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

On your first inspection, you may not see any difference between post creation and page creation. Because both options have a tittle and the main content area with the same content editor. And look similar when they are published on your website.

But there are some difference between them which you need to know

  • Posts have date and time stamp whereas pages do not
  • Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order on home page of website or category page , from newest to oldest whereas there is no on pages.
  • Posts can be organized using categories and tags whereas pages can be organized only in a hierarchical structure.
  • Post are syndicated with RSS feeds but no RSS feeds for pages
  • Posts do not have custom template features whereas pages have.

After understanding about posts, pages and their difference them, the next stages to under are how posts and pages are to be created.

How to create posts in WordPress?

Posts are entries that display in reverse order on your website homepage. Creating posts are not difficult. You can easily create many posts from your website admin dashboard.

  • Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel (Dashboard).
  • Go Posts > Add New, then you will be redirected from where you can create posts as shown in fig below.
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What is Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

The Most important parts of post are:
  • Post Title: You have to enter the title of your post in “Enter title here” field. This title appears above the content in front end of your WordPress website.
  • Content Area: This is the field where you will add content in the form of text, images, video etc. Addition of content is easy. You will use the WordPress WYSIWYG editor to add the actual content in your post.
  • Categories: Generally each website has 10-15 categories. Each content will be at least under one category. Because each post can be under general topic, i.e. category such as ‘internet marketing’, ‘politics’ etc. Here at www.mustbeweb.com, you can see different categories such as ‘Tutorials’, ‘SEO’ etc. To add a category in a post, click the “+Add New Category” link which appears in the right side or you can create different categories from Posts -> Categories and select one of them that suits to your content.
  • Tags: If you want to use tags in your posts, tags have to be enabled with the right code in your theme. Otherwise tags will not be appeared in posts.Posts with the same tags are appeared together on front end of the website, when a user clicks on the tag. You can add new tags to the post by typing the tag into the box and clicking “Add” button.
  • Preview: This button allows you to view the post before publishing it.
  • Save Draft: This button will save the content. If you want to publish the content later, you have to save the content which is done by this ‘Save Draft’ button.
  • Publish: If you think, it is time to publish the content, you must click on this button. By clicking on publish button, your post is displayed on front end of website., In this way, you can create posts in WordPress website.

In this way, you can easily create any posts in your website in WordPress website.

How to create pages in WordPress?

Pages are static in nature and example of pages are ‘about us, ‘contact us’ etc. Creating pages are not difficult. You can easily create many pages from your website admin dashboard.

  • Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel (Dashboard).
  • Go Pages > Add New, then you will be redirected from where you can create pages as shown in fig below.

Page Creation in WordPress

Addition of content is same as that of posts in WordPress and similarly Saving, Preview, Publishing pages are same as that of posts.The Main difference between them are that there is no any categories, tags etc. But there are some features such as parents, template, order which we have already discussed earlier.


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