Top Highly Paying AdSense Alternatives in 2017

Google AdSense has become the best and the most popular way to make money online by smplyi placing ads on your website. Most website owners fail to get approved on AdSense Network each time they request for the approval. It is because they fail to comply with AdSense Policy Program and results in ineligibility for the Program. Indeed, even today, a large number of clients get prohibited/banned from the AdSense program. You know the most noticeably awful part? On the off chance that you get restricted from AdSense, your site will never again be endorsed for this program and you don’t even get paid the cash you’ve earned. In this article, we are going to discuss the best highly paying AdSense Alternatives you can use on your website.

Highly Paying AdSense Alternatives


AdSense Alternatives is probably the best AdSense Alternative to monetize your site. It’s quite similar to AdSense Network. It powers the contextual Yahoo!Bing Ad Network across your website. AdSense is powered by Google whereas, is powered by Yahoo and Bing. Due to competition, both are leading on monetization but still Google AdSense is ahead of

To get approved on is a challenging task because they only approve the site that has immense traffics in Europe, US, and Canada. Further, it only takes 2-3 business days to approve your account. Google AdSense takes more than a week and sometimes a month to do so.

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 2. Amazon Associates

Although this is not really a PPC or CPM program, it still pays you a very high commission if a visitor buys a product after visiting the link from your website. However, it is recommended only to use this program if your website speaks about the product you want to sell from Amazon. Otherwise, simply placing the affiliated link wouldn’t work like it should.

Since, this program is very simple and easy to use, simply putting the product link on your website will do the thing. If your website offers the link to the product and the visitor purchase a product directly from Amazon after clicking on that link, you will earn referral commission. Simple as that. You can sit and relax and earn money. The commission, however, depends on the product variation. Meaning some products pay higher value and some pays lower.

It is totally free and simple to join.

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3. Chitika

AdSense Alternatives

Chitika is another very popular AdSense Alternative which offers Contextual Ads on your website. One of the prominent features of this Ad Network is that it allows the customization of ads to display on the website. Further, it permits various banner sizes on different devices like desktop, tablets, and mobile. You can always customize them as per your requirement. That is the beauty of Chitika.

The minimum payment of Chitika is of $10 via Paypal and $50 through check. For WordPress sites, you can download and install a plugin from the repository which is available for free. Using the plugin, you are able to control the placement of ads on Posts/Pages.

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4. Adversal

Adversal is one of the best AdSense Alternatives you can use to monetize your site. However, getting approved on Adversal is utterly difficult because there are some requirements for approval.

For instance, for approval your site must:

  • have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month.
  • not have adult contents.
  • not contain illegal materials like hacking, redirects, etc.

Once your site gets approved for this amazing network, then consider yourself as lucky because no other ad networks offer the highest paying eCPM besides AdSense. They also have amazing banners of different sizes to get the best results on your site. If you’re wondering, it works just fine with Google AdSense too. However, if your site does not have a lot of traffic, then probably your site won’t get approved. It also has affiliate network problem like other networks do.

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The minimum payment of Adversal Network is $20 and it welcomes PayPal, ACH, Check, and even Wire Transfer.

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5. Infolinks

AdSense Alternatives

Infolinks is another great AdSense Alternative. It’s unique than other Ad Network in the sense that it offers in-text advertising program. Meaning, the ads appears on texts instead of banners and widgets. This won’t occupy much space on your website as well. Moreover, you can use the AdSense safely along with infolink. You can also use pop-up ads to appear when it loads at a time.

Infolinks now offers 6-different adunits: intext, intag, infold, inframe, inscreen, and article. You can always turn on/off the above adunits to reinforce your revenue. Moreover, with this network, you are able to control the placement of the ads on your site.

Infolinks pays you a minimum of $50 for Paypal or $100 for Bank wire.

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6. Propeller Ads

AdSense Alternatives

Propeller Adsalso known as Pop-Under Ads, is another powerful Ad Network designed for both desktop and mobile devices. This amazing UK-based ad network pays with every 1000 impressions. So it would be wise to keep the ad banner displayed on your website as many days as possible to earn the high commission. Furthermore, its minimum payment is $50 via PayPal, $100 via Payoneer, and $500 through Wire Transfer.

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7. RevenueHits

AdSense Alternatives

When it comes to monetizing the site, RevenueHits is one of the best AdSense Alternatives. Since it is a Performance- Ad-Network, you’ll get paid Cost Per Thousand per impression. It pays around $20 in eCPM. If your website is hosted on WordPress, there is a Free Official Plugin you can download and install with a few clicks.

RevenueHits offers Text-Ads and Pop Ups/Unders to your site or app. You can also control the ad placement per requirement. This Ad Network also offers an affiliate program.

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Wrapping Up

So these are some of the best AdSense Alternatives you can try along with AdSense Network. If you still don’t know which one to use, we strongly recommend you to try, Adversal Ads or Amazon Associates because these are the best Ad Networks supplement to AdSense Program and pays very high if you use them precisely.

If you are using or happen to know any other AdSense Alternatives on your website, do not forget to pin your opinion in the message box below.

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