Top 5 Powerful Tactics For Local SEO In 2017

Being visible in local search platform is a powerful way to convince your visitors who are willing to purchase the products. According to the recent survey, local search queries have a greater impact on intent to buy than non-local search queries. Ever since Google’s Pigeon new Update, the business has benefited tremendously by showing up Google Search Results for queries that have local intent. In this article, we are describing 5 Powerful Tactics for Local SEO.

The Recent Google Study Suggests:

  • 4 out of 5 customers search with their local place on search engines to find the information.
  • More than 50% of visitors who queried a local search on their devices (smartphones or computers) visited the store within a day.
  • Local searches have much greater purchase ratio intent than the non-local searches.

Let’s begin !!

Top 5 Powerful Tactics For Local SEO Strategy

1. Accurate Location Data

Powerful Tactics For Local SEO

First thing first, Locals SEO or Local Enterprise SEO should mention their accurate location on the search engines. Let’s take an example. Suppose the local drugstore is in your locality. The owner should implement the content along with the store’s location and service it provides. Furthermore, when working with thousands of pages, it is important to leverage dynamic content.

For each service and location pages, such as “New York Drug Store”, you need to implement unique content that meets the requirement of the user. If the user acquired every information he/she needed, then it is more likely that he/she visits that very particular store.

2. Keyword and Content Mapping

Keyword Mapping: Powerful Tactics For Local SEO

Keyword searching is considered as the base of the Search Engines which provides the foundation of your site. Every website has a series of pages and has keywords. Many SEO experts accept that a website with powerful keyword and content mapping results in both short and long-term refinement in the foundation of the website.

The technique is to expand your keyword and content map to attract more visitors.

3. Unique Local Landing Pages

Powerful Tactics For Local SEO

This is one of the many powerful tactics for Local SEO strategy. This scheme is to create Preferred Landing Pages (PLPs) rich in content that provides a great user interface to increase conversions. Each and every phrase you want to rank should have a PLP which is relevant to your keyword.

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4. Local Store Locator Optimization

Powerful Tactics For Local SEO

You probably have the basic idea about the internal links and external links. Links that come from your website are called internal links and the links which come from other websites are external links. Internal links allow users and search engines to easily navigate through a website and eventually discover the contents. Every link on the website matters for local SEO.

5. NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) Data Syndication

Powerful Tactics For Local SEO

NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone and it is one of the most important tactics for local SEO.

NAP stands for name, address and phone and to Google, it’s like the identification of each location to Google. These identifications should be clean and correctly syndicated throughout the local ecosystem. any incorrect information provided on the local data can lead to duplicate entries and confuse the search engines. This will distort your business visibility and poor experience to the customers.


So these are some of the powerful tactics for local SEO. The very first step toward mastering local SEO is to understand these key tactics. One thing you need to understand is enterprise local SEO is not an overnight success scheme and it requires patience and skills. But if you master it, your business will generate incredible value.

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