The Top 5 Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress Site

The speed of the websites directly affects the website conversions. Additionally, speed and conversions are proportionally dependent with each other. Meaning the faster the load time of the speed, the higher the sales conversion and vice-versa. Little do we know that the website visitors tend to care more about speed performance of the website rather than the information we brag on our site.  Also, the larger the image size on the website, the more time it takes to load. In this article, we are going to discuss the Top 5 Image Optimization Plugins which speeds up the performance of the WordPress site.

The recent US.Net studies show that one second can cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in Sales. Now we already know how important it is to optimize the page speed of your website. Image size also plays a great part in how fast your website loads.

That is why Website Optimization is a huge necessary for business. And Image optimization is a part of site optimization. We will be discussing the Image Optimization Plugins which we can use to speed up the website by compressing large website images.

The Top 5 Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress Site


This Amazing top rated Plugin easily compresses or Smushes the large quality images in no time. More than 700,000+ active installs and an average rating of 4.5+ overall is enough to deduce how popular WPSMUSH is. The plugin was developed by WPMUDEV and available for both fee and premium versions. The premium pack comes up with even more packs and features.

We have already discussed in brief about the Guide to Optimizing Images with WP Smush Plugin in our previous tutorial. Here we will talk on brief only.

After successfully installing the plugin, you can Bulk Compress up to 50 images at a time if you are a free user. The pro version, however, allows you to Bulk Unlimited images at once. You can also optimize the images manually by navigating to the Media Library and choose which one to compress, or which one not to compress. The choice is yours.

The plugin works on any type of image files like JPG, PNG, GIF, and many more. If you have any issue regarding the plugin or compression, the support team is always there for you.

Download WP Smush

2. EWWW Image Optimizer

The EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin automatically optimizes your Images once you upload them on your site. This fantastic plugin allows you to resize your images to the lesser size which leads to faster loading of the site. One of the advantages of EWWW plugin is that the load speed of the plugin itself. Since the plugin runs on your own server unlike other plugins which run on third-party servers, the process time is super fast. You can resize many images in less time.

Download Ewww Image Optimizer

3. Imsanity

Ignore the horror cover picture. Like WPSMUSH and EWWW plugins, Imsanity also automatically resizes the images once uploaded to the media directory. The unique feature of this plugin is that it can optionally convert BMP files to JPG to scale the image size. In case you accidentally upload BMP files, you don’t need to worry about its large size.

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Instead of creating multiple cropped images in the file directory, it instead, replaces the original ones without distorting its quality freeing up space. So it is also good for saving up space of your website.

Another cool trait of Imsainity Plugin is that it is available in multiple languages. Once you install the plugin, you can choose the language and do your business accordingly.

Download Imsanity

4. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

The major drawback of this plugin is that it doesn’t allow you to turn off the automated resizing images when you upload on the media library. Otherwise, it is a great plugin for improving website performances by reducing the size of the images.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer was developed by ShortPixelone of the renowned members in WordPress repository. With over 40,000+ Active Installs and an Average Rating of 4.5, this amazing plugin also works well with other gallery plugins. Moreover, it is available for both free and pro version. Premium version has, even more, features and comes up with greater packages. The support of this plugin is also awesome.

Image Optimization Plugins

Download ShortPixel

5. Compress JPEG & PNG images

This terrific plugin was developed by TinyPng, with a cute little Panda in it. With over 100,000+ active installs, it makes your site load faster by compressing JPEG and PNG files. The Panda will automatically optimize all the images one you upload new images for your blog or site.

The plugin gives you full rights to optimize up to 100 images for free each month. Unlike other compression plugins, TinyPng has no limitation over the size of the images you wish to optimize. Moreover, you can optimize all the unoptimized images from your media library. For that, you need to go to Media > Bulk Optimization and click on the start button to optimize the images.

Image Optimization Plugins

Download TinyPng

Wrapping Up

These are the lists of the popular Image Optimization Plugins you can use for your WordPress site. Do not make mistake by using 2 or more similar plugins because it may lead to the plugin conflict. And because of that, your websites may crash. There are other countless Image Compression Plugins and online Tools from which you can optimize your images for better page load speed. It is always wise to focus on image optimization for the optimization of website speed as well.

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