Top 5 Absolutely Free WordPress Hosting Providers that you can actually use

Every website needs a web server where they are hosted. Web hosting companies do millions of dollar business every year. A reputed hosting company may charge hundreds of dollars per year in the name of hosting. But did you know that you can actually host your websites for free as well? In this article we will show you top 5 absolutely free WordPress hosting providers that you can actually use.

If your website is the official website of a well reputed company, has tons of sensitive data or has very high traffic, then there is no replacement for a good premium host. But if you want to use hosting service for learning process or if you have a simple and starter website with moderate visitors then paying for the expensive hosting may not make sense. These web hosts provide some great deal of features and easy to follow steps to have your own website for free.

Top 5 Absolutely Free WordPress Hosting Providers that you can actually use

1. 000webhost

Top 5 Absolutely Free WordPress Hosting Providers

000webhost is one of the leader of free hosting. Their free hosting is similar to any premium hosting with just a few less features. The great thing about 000webhost is that they have no any aids and popups from the company. You can actually use your own aids too in your website.Their free hosting is completely free with no any hidden costs. You can host your custom domain in the 000webhost server. The free hosting offered by 000webhost can easily support small and medium websites. They are the first provider to offer free SSL certificate.


  • Feature rich cPanel with PHP and MySQL, easy website builder, one click website installer
  • Free domain name hosting
  • 10GB of bandwidth, 1000 MB disk-space.
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Full PHP and database support
  • Free email service.
  • You can check the complete list of features offered by free hosting of 000webhost here.

2. Freehostia

Top 5 Absolutely Free WordPress Hosting Providers

Freehostia has a free web hosting plan called Chocolate flavor. The strong point about Freehostia is its free cloud hosting. You can easily install WordPress in Freehostia with the 1 click installer. The company claims that its load-balanced cluster platform is up to 15 times faster than the traditional one-server hosting platform solution. They provide premium quality 24/7 support and ad free environment.

Features :

  • Offers 250 MB of space and 2 GB of bandwidth
  • Supports 5 hosted domains and 3 email accounts.
  • Supports 1 click installation of several top platforms.
  • Free website templates and website builder

4. Accu Web hosting

 Accu gives you premium quality web hosting for free. Their free hosting has some really great features. The important thing is they don’t have any advertisements and banners. You don’t even have to insert any credit card information to get hosting space. You are free to use your own custom domain names. It is hard to believe that Accu Web hosting is free after looking at all the features it offers.


  • Allows custom domain names
  • Premium quality SSD drives, which gives faster speed
  • Supports cPanel, PHP7 and HTTP/2
  • Great security for a free hosting and optimized for WordPress.
  • Provides backup for your site
  • Full access to WP source Code.

4. x10Hosting

It’s a veteran free web hosting provider that has been around for almost 10 years. The most important feature of the x10hosting is its unlimited free cloud hosting which gives speed and stability to your website. They give 1 click install web software  and simplified easy to use website builder. The unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage is the major plus point for x10hosting.

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  • It has 100% pure cloud SSD Servers for its websites that gives speed and stability.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • Allows 2 add-on domain, 1 parked domain and 2 sub-domain.
  • Gives 3 free email accounts.
  • The company provides complete hosting package with simplified web builder and latest software.
  • It has been around the hosting business for almost 10 years proving its trustfulness.

5. HostAwesome

HostAwsome is an option you should surely checkout if you are trying to find a free hosting service for your WordPress. You will have the options to register the new domain or transfer the old domain. You can just update the name server and start with your free plan. They have some exciting offers for start up websites.


  • They give 100MB storage and 2000 Pageview per month for free
  • You have access to easy to use cPanel.
  • Automatic WordPress to help you with support.
  • SSL is integrated to make your website secure.
  • The uptime is 99.9% which is great for any free host.

Few other free hosting providers you can check


Since these hosting are free, people may have trust issue over them. In this world of business where everything costs money, free gives the impression of something fishy. While many free hosting may be less secure slow and full of ads, the above mentioned list are exceptionally good. They are around market for a long time and millions of websites are being successfully hosted in them. Any small and medium website can be easily hosted on these servers without spending a single penny.

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