The First 5 Plugins You Need to Install in WordPress

Plugins are the best ways to add features and functionality to your website. You can get any kind of customization using the tons of plugins available in WordPress plugin directory. With such a vast number plugins, it can be difficult to choose the right and best plugin for your website. In this article, we will give you the first 5 plugins you need to install in WordPress website. If you are completely new to plugins then you must check our article on “What is Plugin in WordPress and How does it work?”.

The First 5 Plugins You Need to Install in WordPress

1. Wordfence Security

Although your website is protected with a strong password, it is still vulnerable to cyber attacks. So security is the first thing you should be concerned about. Wordfence is one of the best security plugins out there. The 1 million active installs and a nearly 5-star rating shows the success story of this plugin. It gives you a strong firewall to protect your site from getting hacked. Wordfence safe guards your site by blocking attackers, bots, crawlers and even entire malicious network. It also gives you the login security and regularly scans and monitors your site  The premium version of Wordfence have even more extended features.

2. Yoast SEO

If you are a blogger and looking to get noticed in the search result then Yoast SEO is a plugin which you cannot miss out. No matter how much good your blog is, it will still fail to reach the adequate audience without proper SEO. Yoast SEO plugin is way ahead of any other SEO plugin in case of providing SEO support. It uses all the optimization techniques to give complete SEO for your posts. We already have an article on “Write Blog Post With WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin”  to help you use This plugin. If you want to have depth knowledge of SEO then check our article on “13 Basic Rules of SEO Which Every Blogger Must Follow”.

3.    WP Super Cache

Speed is the basic requirement for the success of any modern websites. A fast loading website can provide improved SEO results and better user experience. If your website takes forever to load then users will run away quickly. So to protect your website from such tragedy you can speed it up by using caching plugin like WP Super Cache. The plugin generates static HTML pages from the dynamic website. The HTML pages are much quicker and can be cached easily. The simple mode of WP Super Cache if properly compress pages and provide CDN support. The plugin is simple to use and install. There are few more alternative caching plugins like WP Total Cache and WP Rocket that compete with the performance level of WP Super Cache.

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4. MashShare


Mashshare is a free social share button plugin. With this plugin installed your users must be able to easily share the posts in the various social media. Along with social media buttons, the plugin shows the share count on Facebook and Twitter. For helping you install Mashshare, we already have a guide on “Setup Mashshare – Social Share Button Plugin in WordPress”. Actually, there are many social share plugins with good features. Feel free to use any plugin that you like. Here is a list of 6 best social sharing plugins, “6 Best Social Sharing Plugin in WordPress”.

5. WP Smush

Images are an integral part of any kind of website. The balance between image quality and image size is really hard to maintain. WP Smush can be really useful to optimize and compress your images without losing its quality. For more detail on using Wp smush, we recommend you to check our guide “Guide to Optimizing Images with WP Smush Plugin

IN this article we showed you the first 5 plugins you need to install in WordPress. These were our choice of plugins. According to you, what are the best plugins that must be installed on any blog? If you want to suggest more plugins then you can leave a comment. Thank you.

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