The 7 Deadly Sins Which Beginner WordPress Developers Make

WordPress is an extremely popular CMS which is used by millions of users around the globe. WordPress has been in the web industry for many years. So it becomes the first choice for many. The main reason for the popularity of WordPress is its simplicity to use and develop a website. With just a few clicks and few copy paste codes, you can actually develop a full working website in WordPress. Many beginner developers can make some deadly mistakes that can cost a lot for the website owner. So just make sure the following silly but deadly mistakes are not getting in your way. The 7 deadly sins which beginner WordPress developers make are as follows.

The 7 Deadly Sins Which Beginner WordPress Developers Make

1. Slow load time

Visiting a slow loading website can be a frustrating experience for visitors. Even Google realizes the value of speed and has integrated speed into their search algorithm. So choosing a better and managed web host is really important. Our article on “Top 5 Managed WordPress Hosting Providers” can help you chose a better host. To speed up your website our article on “Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site” can be helpful.

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2. Front end showing error messages, White screen death, and other errors

If your front end is showing error message then that could leave a bad impression your users. You can turn off the PHP error reporting by setting WP_DEBUG false in the wp-config.php file.

There are many reasons that can cause white screen death. Even a simple cause like leaving an extra space in the wp-config.php can cause the white screen death. When your visitors see nothing but white screen, they can get confused and leave your site in a flash. There are many other kinds of error that can arise due to various reasons. You have to troubleshoot the errors before they do severe harm. Here are some articles that can help you deal with errors.

3. Relying on too many plugins

WordPress Plugin industry is a flourished business. There are many companies and individuals working to create more and more plugins with better features. You will find a plugin for almost all the functionality in the front and backend of a website in WordPress. But relying on too many plugins can be harmful. Installing too many plugins in WordPress can cause many problems. Plugins can slow down your website. There are even some serious issues like introducing vulnerabilities to your website. There are cases when two plugins collide that can cause some critical issues. Having a limited number of plugins makes it super easy for you to manage and update the plugins. If possible write down your code yourself instead of giving control to unknown plugin code. You can check our article on how to uninstall WordPress plugin in a proper way.

4. Overflowing Function.Php file with codes

Functions.php file is a huge collection of important codes and functions. The problem is many developers keep on adding codes randomly in the file. Soon your functions.php will turn into overloaded storage of functions which is so hard to manage and update. Just because WordPress accepts every type of code and script inside functions file, does not mean you have to use only that file for adding functions and code. The solution for it is to keep your individual function in a separate file. You can use requires or require_once methods to integrate the code to the function file. Keep your file short and sweet. Keeping function code in the same file will create problems for you in the future or to the next developer who jumps into your project.

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5. Writing only procedural code for WordPress

Although it is not that big issue, however, it still falls in our list of the 7 deadly sins which beginner WordPress developers make. The majority of the WordPress system is built in procedural programming. So building a theme with just procedural code is easy. But it is not really a good approach to write the entire theme in procedural code, even if you split your code into the different files. Using OOP will help you to become a better developer and help you to avoid using useless codes which are hard to maintain.

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6. Not using clean Permalink

The default permalink is ugly and is hard to read and use. Many beginner developers do not change their permalink structure into a more user-friendly option which uses keywords. Default permalinks can be easily changed by going to Settings > Permalinks. For detail guide on permalinks check our article “How to Create Custom Permalinks in WordPress.

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7. Not updating WordPress and plugins

When you do not update the WordPress and plugins updated then you are opening your site to the vulnerabilities and cyber attacks. Always use the latest version of WordPress and keep your plugins updated. You can also apply some security measures like hiding version number from hacker to stay protected. Steps to Remove WordPress Version Number Easily.

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Mistakes and errors in website development are inevitable. However, precautions and the right solution can save you from disasters that might be heading your way. We hope our article saved you from committing the 7 deadly sins which beginner WordPress developers make. Thank you.


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