Social Media Marketing Secrets that Guarantee Your Success  

Social media marketing is one of the most essential components of any marketing strategy which you cannot afford to ignore. Social media is a great place for websites looking to promote their brand online. For successful social media marketing strategies it is important to know how each social media platform works. You should also identify the kind of audience you should be targeting and how can you benefit from the social media users. In this article we will mainly focus on social media marketing secrets that guarantee your success.

Social Media Marketing Secrets that Guarantee Your Success



Use videos and photos in your contents and posts

Facebook is the perfect platform to write posts and share contents. Just make sure you add photos and videos to your posts to catch viewer’s attention. The viewers are more likely to click the posts with photos and videos and get directed to your website.

Use contents as Facebook ads

To achieve success in today’s competitive age you have to create unique and quality contents that can attract and engage audience. Running straightforward aids in Facebook may not be much productive. However using a full fledged content or post to highlight your services or product can be more successful.  It’s like indirectly adding ads in your normal content and posts.

Photo contest

Organizing the photo contests in your Facebook page are great ways to promote your page and website. You can encourage your followers to upload photos related to your products and services. This will increase the participation of people and is a great way to spread awareness about your Facebook page and website.

photo contest Social Media Marketing Secrets


Sweepstakes contests are another great way of growing your followers and marketing your product around the social media. Give the prize related to your services/products and encourage people to like and share your page.

sweepstakes Social Media Marketing Secrets

Facebook live campaign

Real time interactions with your subscribers and customers spread a sense of honesty and realness about your company. You can introduce your new products, offers and contest in the real time video. This will send the positive message about you among your followers.

Encourage viewers to tag a friend

You can encourage your followers to tag a friend who is related to the particular post. You can post funny or interesting posts relating to your product and services and then encourage your followers to tag a friend. This will increase the number of comments for your post and new people who have no idea about your page will come to know about you.

Social Media Marketing Secrets tag a friend

Reply to or engage in viewers comments

Viewer’s queries and issues should be addressed if possible. Replying to the viewer’s comments and posts gives a sense of connection to your followers.


Host a Twitter round table

Hosting a live chat or round table among your customers can be really effective. You can pop up a discussion topic and host a quarterly or weekly chats where customers can interact.

chat Social Media Marketing Secrets

Create Moments

Twitter moments are collection of tweets, photos and videos about a particular event or topic. Creating moments about your website or products can help to connect more followers.

Run a Poll  

Poll is another under used strategy for marketing. You can start a poll related to your products or services. Polls increase the people’s engagement and provide the collective feedback of public about your services and product.

twitter poll - Social Media Marketing Secrets

Sharing contents from followers

Retweet and share the contents and tweets which users have posted relating to your brand. This helps your company to build trust and good relationship with your followers. This will also encourage your followers to tweet and post more about your product and brand.

Reply to followers tweets

Invest your time to reply to tweets and queries from followers. Engaging in follower’s tweets about your brand shows that you have a great customer service and you care about your followers.


Create an official business account

Create the official business account with relevant and memorable names. The official business account has a little “blue” verified badge and a “contact” button. Such kind of account increases the credibility and authority with users without paying anything. The most useful feature of this business account is the direct message feature which can be used for support and customer service. Here is the detail guide detailed instruction.

Use beautiful and inspirational posts to engage and covert your audiences

Make sure you add your store’s link in your posts and photos. Use high quality, unique and creative photos that can help get users directed to your website.

Use hashtags

Instagram has ability of organic search. Use trending and relevant hashtags in your posts to be shown in the Instagram search results.

hashtag - Social Media Marketing Secrets

Partner up with influencer

Find an influencer that has large following in your target market. Reach out and partner up with those influencers to create a sponsored post which can market your product and brand to the new potential customers.

Tag influencers and accounts will large followers in your post

Tagging big players with tons of followers in your post can help you get noticed in the large mass of Instagram users. Find high profile accounts in your industry and tag them in your photo. This will help you post reach viewers who are not following.

Organize contests and offer prizes

Contents like photo contents can be great way to engage and attract interest of your followers to your brand. You can redirect the viewers to your website to participate and vote in the contest. You can also partner up with another non- competing brand in your industry and offer your product and services as prize. These steps will promote your product/services and help you explore new followers.

offer discount - Social Media Marketing Secrets

Share discount coupon codes in your posts

You can use your normal posts and stories in Instagram as a strategy for marketing your product. You can include discount coupons or discount links that will lure your followers to buy your services and products. The discount and offers increase the likelihood of people buying your products. It also spread news about you in the market.

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Post demonstration videos and make use of Instagram live videos features

You can post creative demonstration videos about your brand. Introduce your products and services through videos and show your viewers why to use your product/services. You can also keep videos that will show how to use your website to get what you offer. The live video broadcasting sessions can be effective to keep your followers interested in you.

Instagram ads

Mostly social media is free for use. There are also paid advertisement options for companies that are looking to reach out a larger mass of audience in short time. Great thing about Instagram ads is that they look like normal user’s feed.


Use videos to link to your website or blog

Inside the video tell people to visit your website or blog for more information. In the video description you can give the links to your website.

Use intro and outro to your videos

At the beginning of your every video give the name and description of your brand or channel. This introduces your channel to new viewers. Similarly at the end of your every video give an outro with links to other videos and links to your social media. Annotations can be used to make your outro and intro more attractive.


Use annotation to link your video to next video or to your website. Annotations make your video interactive and keep your viewers interested without dropping out of your videos. Give more annotation at the end of your video rather than at the beginning. Also do not over use the annotation since this can be annoying to the viewers.

Collaborate with other influencer YouTubers

This is a popular technique used by many YouTubers to grow their subscribers and viewer. Find popular YouTubers who have millions of subscribers and are interested in your products or services. Make collaboration videos with them and share links in each other’s channel. You can also sponsor big players of YouTube to promote your product.

Check YouTube analytics

YouTube gives you analytical reporting. Make use of it to identify the nature of your viewer and make strategies accordingly.

Giveaway offers and discounts

At the end of your video or at video description, include links with discounts and special offers. This increases traffic to your website and also multiplies your conversion rate of potential customers.

Make tutorials

Making knowledgeable and informative tutorials about your product can motivate users to use your products and services. You can make ‘how to’ videos that will direct viewers to your website or store.

Share your YouTube video

Make sure you share your best video in other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Some Useful Tools

Buffer to schedule your post

Tools like buffer can help you schedule manage and analyze all of your posts in one place. It allows you to share content at best possible time when the traffic is high. Thus you can make most out of your content by increasing the people’s engagement.

BuzzSumo to analyze contents

There are tools like BuzzSumo to analyze the content performance for any topic. This helps to find the key influencers. It also identifies the content that’s performing well in an area. Buzzsumo gives you incredible ability to quickly identify what content is working well in industry.

Make use Iconosquare

 Iconosquare is the Instagram Analytics and management platform. You can identify the nature of your followers and their activity. It also helps to manage your all accounts by tracking comments and monitoring comments. You can also search gather, collect, repost your contents and keep media organized. Furthermore you can schedule your post and find the best influencers.

Social Sharing Plugins in WordPress

With the help of social sharing plugins you can boost your Social Sharing by automatically adding various social share tools above or below the post, page and excerpts in your WordPress website. We have tons of articles featuring various social sharing plugins. Here is “6 Best Social Sharing Plugin in WordPress”.


Although the social media can be time consuming but it can be the most important element to reach out the audience. We hope the article helped you to know the Social Media marketing secrets that guarantee your success.

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