Show Related Posts using Genesis Featured Widget Amplified Plugin

Genesis Featured Widget Amplified is the replacement for Genesis Featured Posts Widget. The reason is that Genesis Featured Posts Widget will only display post, featured images and excerpt in your widget area, where as Genesis Featured Widget Amplified will give you much more flexibility and additional functionality. The Genesis Featured Widget Amplified plugin allows you to display content from custom post types and custom taxonomies. It gives improved options for displaying the post content or excerpt. The plugin requires premium Genesis Theme Framework to be activated. In this post, I will show steps to show related posts using Genesis featured widget amplified plugin in WordPress.

Show Related Posts using Genesis Featured Widget Amplified Plugin

Plugin Installation: 

  1. On your dashboard, go to plugins.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Search for the Genesis Featured Widget Amplified plugin.
  4. Click install and activate the plugin.

Show Related Posts using Genesis Featured Widget Amplified Plugin

Once it is installed it replaces Genesis Featured Posts Widget. Next you need to go to widgets, find the recently activated widget among the list of active widgets. You can either drag it into a widget area or click Add to widget.

Widget Settings:

The configuration settings page of the plugin looks something like this.
Show Related Posts using Genesis Featured Widget Amplified Plugin

The settings are fairly simple. Here is a quick explanation about each configuration topic.

Title: You can give any suitable name or title to your widget here. 

Post type: It is a drop down below the title where you can select what type of content you want to display into the widget area. For basic posts you can select posts. For featured image and excerpt from a page, you can select pages. You can select custom post type for displaying things like profiles. Event calendar post type is for events.

  • Taxonomy and terms:  For regular post this is just categories. You get various category options for various posts types you select. You can also use tags and lisings for your post.
  • Exclude Terms by ID:  If you have any particular post you don’t want to show. Put the category id here. Multiple id should be separated by comma
  • Number of Post to Show: Mention the number of posts to show
  • Number of Posts to Offset: Here you give the number of posts you do not want to show and skip.
  • Order by: You can order the posts by date, comment or title.
  • Sort Order: Sort in ascending or descending order.
  • Meta key:  Meta key is for displaying a custom field.
  • Work with pagination: Select this option if you want to show pagination.
  • Show Page Navigation: Show post navigation allows you to navigate to other pages.

Show Related Posts using Genesis Featured Widget Amplified Plugin

Note that when you select post type other than post you will have different sets of settings on this portion.

Show author Gravatar: You can display image or Gravatar along with featured image for the person that writes a post. Other options that come along with this are to specify Gravatar size and Gravatar alignment

Show featured image: When you compose any post or page at the very bottom right you keep featured image which is also known as post thumbnails. When you check the show feature image checkbox you can see some more options showing up. The first option is whether you want image to link to the post or not. Similarly you can choose your required image sizes. Default option is 150*150 thumbnails.

  • Image placement: You can choose here whether you want the image before the post title, after the title, or after the content
  • Image alignment: If you don’t select any alignment option, the image will be kept on the top of page. You can choose left or right alignment.
    Show Related Posts using Genesis Featured Widget Amplified Plugin
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Show post title: Below that you can check the box to show post titles. As soon as you check it you can see some options that show up. If you have really long titles, you may need to consider limiting the title by setting up the limiting characters

Again you have drop down weather you want the title to link to the post or not.

  • Show post info: Post info is something which is displayed below the title. Here you decide whether to show or hide the post info.
  • Content type: Next is content type which is by default is set to show post excerpt. Excerpt by default is of about 300 characters. If you don’t want to use full excerpt, you need to use one of the additional options of showing content limit or no-content. If you select limit contents, you get a place to write number of characters to limit.
  • Show Post Meta: Post Meta is the information that shows up below the post.
  • More Text: When you limit the content, it is going to have a link to Read More. You can customize this Read More text here.

Show Related Posts using Genesis Featured Widget Amplified Plugin

  • Display list of Additional Posts: It shows the additional posts as list. You can set the title of the list and also mention the number of posts to show. Extra post format gives you option to show the posts in unordered list, order list or drop down.
  • Show Category Archive Link: Category archive link shows all the posts from a certain category or taxonomy. If you choose to show category archive link you can even edit the link text or leave it default. Optional archive link is normally not needed so you can leave it blank.
  • Instance Identification Field: This is actually for developers that are putting some additional options inside this plugin. For most users the field can be skipped.

After making the necessary changes save the settings.


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