Setup Watermark Reloaded Plugin in WordPress

Watermark Reloaded is a basic WordPress plugin that allows user to add text watermarks to the uploaded images. It consists of simple features like adding watermark with various fonts and colors in different 9 placement locations. It lets user to enable watermark for various image sizes like full-size, large, medium and thumbnail. For proper functioning of this plugin, PHP5, GD Extentions for PHP and FreeType Library should be installed properly in the server. This article shows steps to Setup Watermark Reloaded Plugin in WordPress.

Setup Watermark Reloaded Plugin in WordPress

Step 1: Plugin Installation

Go to Plugins > Add New. Search for the keyword “watermark reloaded” and click on “Install Now” button.

Setup Watermark Reloaded Plugin in WordPress

After installing the plugin, activate it.

Setup Watermark Reloaded Plugin in WordPress

Step 2: Watermark Reloaded Plugin settings

After activating the plugin, its menu tab appears under Settings > Watermark Reloaded. Click on the Watermark Reloaded tab to customize settings of the plugin.

Setup Watermark Reloaded Plugin in WordPress

The settings page of the plugin consists of basic watermarking features. A user can enable watermark for different sizes of images. The sizes are WordPress platform default image sizes like thumbnail, medium, large, fullsize etc. Watermark can be positioned in 9 different locations. Watermark Offset can be set for both the axes in pixels. One can choose the color, size and font faces of the watermark from the settings page. Before applying the watermark, the preview can also be seen to confirm how it looks like at the actual webpage later.

Setup Watermark Reloaded Plugin in WordPress

Apart from these settings, if a user wants to use their own custom font, he/she can do it without hassle. Just he/she has to upload new fonts to /wp-content/plugins/watermark-reloaded/fonts/ folder and use it through the settings page.

Watermark Reloaded Pro

If anyone wants more features and flexibilities, the plugin has a pro version that supports additional fancy features like image watermark, watermark opacity, background color, text watermark with outline and with variables, watermark position and much more.

Setup Watermark Reloaded Plugin in WordPress

In the Pro version, Image watermark can be added with additional setting options like image background, background color and background opacity. Similarly, it has additional setting options for Text watermark. Some of the additional text watermark settings are text opacity, text padding, text background, background color, background opacity, text outline, outline color, outline opacity and outline width.

The one-time cost for Pro version is $ 14.49. The main functional difference between the basic and pro version can be listed out as:

  • Image watermark is only possible with Pro Version.
  • If watermark type is chosen as image, its background can be chosen and color and opacity can be set in Pro Version. However, no such provision exists in basic version.
  • If watermark type is chosen as text, its opacity, background, background color, background opacity, text outline, outline color, outline opacity and outline width can be set with Pro Version. The basic version of the plugin lack these features.
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The basic version of this plugin does not allow users to watermark on previously uploaded images. This seems a major functional drawback of this plugin. However, according to the plugin author, this functionality is planned to add in the Pro version.

In this way, the plugin has simple yet wonderful watermarking features and is one of the best choices among WordPress webmasters searching for a better watermarking plugin. You can also checkout other watermark plugins available for WordPress sites.

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