Setup CodeGuard Backup Plugin in WordPress

Among various plugins available to secure your WordPress site, you might not be sure which plugins to use. If so, then it’s time to learn and setup CodeGuard Backup Plugin for WordPress. CodeGuard WordPress plugin provides daily automatic backup service and also notifies simultaneously when you make any little changes in your WordPress website. With CodeGuard’s recover functionality, you can now easily recover your deleted or lost files. If your site is hacked then the plugin also exterminate the sites malware with an ease. With thousands of WordPress websites using it, here I will show steps to setup CodeGuard Backup Plugin in WordPress.

CodeGuard WordPress plugin is subscription based plugin that provides daily automatic backup website to the cloud and notifies simultaneously when you make any little changes in your website. The CodeGuard WordPress restores your site in most reliable backup storage. It uses three most trusted backup storage: Amazon Web Services, Simple Storage (S3) and Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) to keep your data secured. Unlike other plugin, the plugin is elegantly designed to give you seamless performance and ease while using it. Though you have to pay accordingly to its subscription plan to use it; they have provided free 14 days trials if you want to try it before make a purchase.

Known for backing up any kind of large files within some time, CodeGuard plugin also monitors and alerts any changes occurred on your website. This is truly its great feature as it can help you and the site from getting encountered serious damage in prospect. Similarly, its another interesting feature is the use of cryptographic protocols.  The plugin uses RSA public key cryptography, which encrypts and protects your site files when it’s transiting over the internet even if you are using in web server, which is not Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certified.

One of the crucial advantages of CodeGuard Plugin is that it supports every kind of website. And another being enabling you to recover files if it gets deleted or lost. Indeed, if your site is hacked then the plugin also exterminate the sites malware with an ease. In addition, you can also download zip files of your site’s contents, and restore all files to a specific backup point via CodeGuard.

CodeGuard Subscription Plan


Its subscription plan starts from Ninja $5 /month to Shogun $239 /month. Besides, the plugin also comes with other attractive plans including Ronin $39 /month, Samurai $79 /month, and Ashigaru $119 /month. With every plan you purchase, you receive 14 days free trial.

Setup CodeGuard Backup Plugin in WordPress

Step 1. Plugin Download and Installation

Download CodeGuard Backup plugin. Go to WordPress Dashboard, locate and click Plugins > Add New on the left hand side bar. In the new page, click Upload Plugin. Click Choose File and browse the downloaded plugin file. Then click on the “Install now”.

Step 2. Activate Plugin

Once you click the install button, the plugin then initiates in installing the plugin in your WordPress . After successful installation, it requires you to activate the plugin. So, to activate simply click activate the plugin.

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Now, you will see the CodeGuard menu on the left hand side of the tab. Click on the CodeGuard tab to implement further settings. You will then be asked to enter the unique access key to go ahead. For that click the green link which asserts “Need a new access key?”

Step 3. Get Access Key for CodeGuard Backup Plugin

In the new page you will see the green sign up free button on the navigation bar as shown below. This enables you to sign up for the CodeGuard plugin. Once you click that button you will be taken to a new page. In the new page, you will again have to click the sign up for free button.

Click sign up for free

Step 4. Fill out the registration form

After you click signup for free button, you will be directed to a registration form page. Here, fill up the required information carefully, and then login.

IMG.4 Codeguard regs form

Step 5. Add WordPress Website

Once you login, you will land on the page where you will be provided with two options to go for. One to ADD FTP/SFTP website and another add wordpress website. Between these, click Add wordpress website box.

Setup CodeGuard Backup Plugin for WordPress

This will bring you to add your website URL page. Here at first you will need to enter your website’s URL, and then click next. After that you will be asked to download the plugin in your dashboard. Since, you have already installed the plugin, thus without any ado, click next again.

Enter your website name

After that, you will be offered the unique access key. And, this unique access key, you will need to copy and paste back to the dashboard, and then hit Backup to continue with the plugin.

Setup CodeGuard Backup Plugin in WordPress

In this way you can setup CodeGuard backup plugin.

Create Backup in CodeGuard plugin

You can now go to WordPress Dashboard > CodeGuard click Create Backup to create a backup of your WordPress website as shown below.

Click Backup

Within few minutes, your website will be backed up in the cloud. Likewise, you can also change the settings if you want to schedule the backup time by clicking the update settings link.

Restore Site from CodeGuard Backups

Unlike backing up, the CodeGuard restoration is pretty easy to implement. If in case you want to restore head to the CodeGuard dashboard, click the restore and have your WordPress files restored with one click.

IMG.9 Restore


You can setup CodeGuard backup plugin in your site, and have your site secured, managed, backed up, and restored with a click of button. I hope this article has helped you to setup WordPress backups with CodeGuard back plugin, and please do share your comments regarding the article, and your experience using the CodeGuard plugin.

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