Resize all Large Images in WordPress at Once

When you upload image in WordPress, it creates multiple image sizes, but keeps the original image no matter how big it is. If you keep the large size images on any post, this can drastically slow down your site. Optimizing images can help you to minimize the size of image without losing its quality. If you want to learn how to optimize image you can check out our previous article on “Guide to Optimizing Images with WP Smush Plugin”. This article shows how you can resize all large images in WordPress at once.

Resize all Large Images in WordPress at Once

If you are running multi author site where multiple authors upload images, monitoring each images uploaded by other users can be difficult. Manually editing library images to your preferred size can be time consuming. In this case you need an automatic mechanism that helps you resize images in a bulk.

Bulk editing capabilities can be added to your website through a plugin or through some specific code embedded into your theme. There are many free and paid plugins out there for this task, but we will be featuring one of the best plugin for bulk resizing called Imsanity. Imasanity automatically resize huge images down to a size that is more reasonable for display in browsers. It provides the bulk-resize feature that can selectively resize previously uploaded images to free up spaces.

Installation of Imsanity

First of all install and activate Imsanity. The installation process is similar to any other normal plugins. You can install it by going to Plugins > Add new from Admin dashboard and search for keyboard Imsanity in the plugin search area. You have to install and activate the correct Imsanity plugin that matches with the image given below.

Resize all Large Images in WordPress at Once

You can also download the plugins manually. Unzip the downloaded file and upload it to you ‘/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory. And then activate the plugin through the ‘plugins’ menu in WordPress. After activation, you have to configure the plugin by going to Settings > Imsanity.

Resize all Large Images in WordPress at Once

The plugin allows you to limit the maximum image size for all the images uploaded in the website. Any image with higher sizes will be automatically resized to the specified size. Set maximum size according to your need for images uploaded to various places in website.

You are given an option to set the jpeg image quality. Setting its value less than 90 can result in loss of image quality. Similarly you have been given two options for image conversion which are convert BMP to JPG and convert PNG to JPG.  Generally it is useful to converting BMP to JPG whereas converting PNG to JPG may not be a good idea. Finally save your settings pressing save changes button.

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Now when you upload new image with larger dimension it will automatically be resized to the maximum size specified in the setting. If you have previously uploaded images to resize you can do it using the search images button at the end of the plugin’s setting page.

Resize all Large Images in WordPress at Once

 This will find all the images larger than the specified dimension. You can uncheck the image you don’t want to be resized. Finally click the Resize Checked images button to resize these images.

Alternatives to Imsanity

There are lots of other plugins that can bulk resize images. Here is the list of a few of them.

  1. Resize images before upload
  2. Image Pro
  3. Resize Image After Upload

Either you are a coding star, or a WordPress newbie, these plugins can make the laborious task of resizing a whole lot easier. Bulk resizing images is an irreversible process so you have to back up your site before performing any kind of resizing of images. There are tons of articles in our website for backing up WordPress that you can check out.

I hope the article helped you to bulk resize larger images in your website.


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