Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free WordPress Themes

Without a doubt, WordPress is a CMS king. Each day, hundreds of Themes and Plugins are being uploaded on the WordPress Repository by Plugin and Theme Developers. And thousands of themes and plugins are downloaded from WordPress Repository by users like you and me. If you want to build a great website, then choosing a quality theme is also a challenging task. There are a lot of free themes available on WordPress Repository with different designs and categories. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of using Free WordPress Themes as well. We will be discussing on brief about the pros and cons of free WordPress Themes in this article.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free WordPress Themes

Advantages of Free WordPress Themes

1. Free To Use

If you go to the URL, you will see the different options for filtering the themes. You can type the keywords and search for the theme. You can download and Install without any theme without paying a single cent. There are some limitations but still, you can use it for completely free. That is why they are for. FREE !!

2. Plenty of Designs

The evolution of WordPress is overwhelmingly impressive. Long before, WordPress was only considered to be a blogging platform but now things have changed. It has now become one of the most popular content management systems. In fact, many popular website brands like TechCrunch, MTV News, Time Inc., and many more use WordPress on their websites.

Furthermore, there are thousands and thousands of free themes available to download from the repository with various shapes and designs. In fact, you can find the theme of all categories like e-commerce, blog, news, magazine, etc. as per your requirement. You can choose the design that is appropriate for your blog or website.

3. Ease of Installation

Free WordPress Themes are easy to download and install. You can download them directly via WordPress Dashboard or use FTP client/server to upload to the Theme directory and install your preferred Theme. You don’t need to write vague lines of code in order to install the theme.

Free WordPress Themes

4. Freedom of Reuse/Modification of Themes

You can always modify, edit, re-use or distribute the themes you find on the WordPress Repository. As WordPress is distributed under the license GPL, it is free to copy-edit if you follow certain terms and conditions. If you happen to violate any of the terms and conditions,

5. Security

As WordPress Team only approves/allows the themes that meet coding standards, there is no risk of a security breach on the WordPress site. All the bugs and loopholes are tested thoroughly so that the users are free of malware. Moreover, WordPress community now requests theme author to upgrade/modify the theme from time to time with the change of WordPress version itself. So we can say that the themes are safe to use. But you still need to consider some measures to Protect Your WordPress site.

Disadvantages of Free WordPress Themes

1. Feature Limitations

As nothing good comes free, the free WordPress themes come up with very limited features. In order to upgrade or add more functionality to your website, you will need to have to buy a pro version. Therefore, never expect much from free themes because most of them are available on the repository for promotion purpose.

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2. Lack of Support

You mostly don not get support from the Theme Author if you need some help-in-hand for your website unless you are a premium user. Although you can always throw your issues on WordPress Support, the solutions are more likely to be non-relevant or vague unless it is coming from Theme Author himself/herself. However, it’s worth a try if you face any issue on the WordPress Support Forum.

3. Code Complexity

Since every developer has his/her own way of writing lines of code, the user will need some time to understand even if he is a good developer. The Theme Author may write the coding functions differently or in a unique manner, so you have to invest some time to take full advantages of the theme code.

4. Bad Impressions to visitors

If the visitors know you are using the free theme on your website, they are most likely to never return to your site because of the bad impression they have on your brand. That’s why free themes are not that unique or special though some come in great designs.

5. Vague Documentations

In free WordPress Themes, the documentation is almost zero. The theme author, however, limits some details of documentation to users but they are incomplete. Now, that is another powerful technique of lock-in to the users. In order to access the full version, again, you need to pay for the premium version.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free WordPress Themes on your website. If you are developing a website for small business or blogs, you can always choose free themes. However, if your project is targeted for high visitors and is using for the business purpose, never use Free WordPress Themes for the sake of your business and your reputations.

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