5 Effective Tips to Promote Blog To Generate More Audiences

So you’re starting a blog. You have purchased a catchy domain name, reliable hosting and ready to publish a post. Or you already have numerous blog posts published on your site. Even though you have quality and plentiful articles on your blog, still your blog lacks a number of visitors compared to other similar websites. Ever wonder why more people are not reading your blog? P.T. Barnum once said: “Without a promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!“. He’s right. Luckily, there are different ways to promote blog in order to get more audiences and generate revenue from your blog. We’ll discuss few of them in our article.

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How To Promote Blog Like a Pro?

Most successful bloggers spend more time & money on promotion and less time on writing. This doesn’t mean that you should write just 2 or 3 blog posts on your site and promote them throughout the month. You just need to be wise enough how much to write and what to write. Then start nurturing.

1. Share Your Contents in Social Medias

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One of the best invention of the human mankind is an internet. As of 2017, the research says that more than 2 Billion people on earth have social media accounts, and the number of worldwide users is expected to reach 2.95b by 2020. Sharing your blog on social media not only increase the audience engagement but also enlarge followers and friends. Let’s say if you wrote an article, share it with your friends or family and ask them to share on their timeline so that other can also read it. This tactic is the most efficient and easiest way to promote blog.

Facebook and Twitter are the leading social media which have the most active members among other medias. Therefore, to reach your contents to the more audiences, sharing your contents in these two platforms are best.

2. Built an Email List and Get More Subscribers

Buffer.com sends their newly published article to 40,000+ subscribers. Out of them, 7500 people open and read the mail and only 1800 subscribers read the full article opening the link. There is more likely that they will share with their pals on social medias. That is why sending new contents to the email list is the perfect promotion technique of your blog/website.

There are few amazing subscriber forms which you can use on your site to collect an email address of your visitors. Mailchimp is one of the most popular marketing automation which is worth giving a try.

3. Start Guest Posting

Guest Posting is another efficient way to grow your blog. Guest posting simply refers to writing and publishing article on someone else blog. Or in other words, when you write a blog post for someone else’s website, it’s called guest posting.

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The visitors are more interested in writing for your blog if you allow back-linking in return. However, you should only approve the ones which are relevant to your niche blog. Once, visitors starting posting quality article as a guest blogger to your site, your site gets more publicity and more visitors. It even helps with your website’s SEO.

4. Allow Social Sharing Button on your blog

Website visitors are more likely to share your content on their social media accounts if you make easy for readers to share your content. If the website visitors like your content and they see sharing option appearing on your post, they are more encouraged to share your content on social accounts.

It is recommended not to add many social share buttons on a single article as it gives a bad influence to the visitors and eventually the sharing ratio declines. Furthermore, placing the social media buttons on the appropriate location, preferably below the content or on the top of it, would be wise.

5. Promote via advertising

Facebook advertising has become one of the most efficient ways to promote blog content to reach out to the large audience. Many online marketers are relying on Facebook and Google Marketing these days. Google AdWords is another popular platform for PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising. It means you pay google for a particular keyword and when visitors use that keyword on a search engine, they will see your post content appearing on the top of it.

Wrapping Up

Gaining audiences is crucial tactics for a successful blogger. Once you promote your content correctly to your visitors, it will lead to more traffics and engagements. And eventually the visitors become your fans and even a customer. The thing is you should give enough time to both writings and promote your contents to get a better traffic to your website.

Happy Blogging !!


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