How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program (Beginner’s Guide)

Amazon Affiliate Program is an online business which can be earned from home. It’s one of the best monetization programs which allows you to earn a certain commission when someone buys a product from your affiliate link on Amazon.Technically speaking, it’s a win-win game for both marketers and Amazon. For this program, all you need to have is a website or blog to monetize your site. Moreover, as an affiliate, you need to signup for Amazon Affiliate and only you’ll get your referral link to paste on your website (let’s say widgets). If a user/visitor clicks on the link to make a purchase, Amazon will pay you a certain commission depending on the percentage set by the vendor. Commission starts from 1% to 12% in maximum. That’s how you make money with Amazon Affiliate.

Thousands and thousands of physical products like books, kitchen appliances, drones, electronic accessories, and many more are promoted through the Amazon affiliate programs. If done properly, you can make the living just from it. We’ll learn the basic guide to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate in this article.

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate for Amazon Program is simple but earning from Amazon affiliate program is quite tough. At least it’s hard for the starters. You need to be smart and be patient. Below is the quick guide:

1. Niche Selection

Selecting a profitable niche for your website is the foremost important aspect of Amazon Affiliate Program. Find the product with the high profit and lots of positive reviews. Why? Because a lot of people have already bought that product and there’s a high chance that more people will buy it in the future too. With your affiliate promotion, these will increase your income subsequently.

Amazon provides certain commission depending on the country, sales volume and product categories. You can earn between 1% and 12% of the sale. Pick the product which suits your niche.

2. Website Development for Platform

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

The second thing you need to consider after selecting a niche is to develop a website to promote the products from Amazon. Self-hosted WordPress website is always the most recommended platform because it has an unlimited amount of feature not just for Amazon affiliate but the ease of access to the site owners as well.

Firstly, you need to buy a domain and a hostingInstall WordPress and start promoting your product by writing contents. You can write the review of the products, compare two products, or even interview the actual users who bought that product, make tutorials on products, etc. You can write anything to target your visitors. But be wise. You don’t want to upset your visitors if the product they buy from your link is of poor quality and doesn’t meet the expectation as you mention on your site.

3. Signup For an Amazon Affiliate Program

The third step is to Sign Up for an Amazon Affiliate Program. Now you have a website, write a few published articles to let Amazon know that you already have an established site and you are a serious blogger. Do not forget to create important pages like About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms of use, etc. because it will increase your chance of approval very fast. The pages are similar to AdSense requirements.

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

Go to and just click on ‘Join Now for Free.’ button. Enter your valid email address and you’ll instantly get a confirmation email in your inbox. Then add your personal details, website and other information like payment mode, etc. and sign up for Amazon affiliate program. Now, all you need to do is sit, relax, and wait for approval.

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4. Write Contents

If you are eligible for the affiliate program and Amazon has no obligation on your partnership, start finding products you want to promote as a publisher according to your niche and get links to promote them. Use the dashboard or site stripe to get quick links. Then you can add these links, banners or widgets code to your blog for the promotional purpose. Write reviews or comparison about the products for promotion. The thing is, the visitors shouldn’t think you are directly promoting the product for your sole purpose.

5. Affiliate Promotion

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

The real work begins here. Without promoting your content, nobody visits your website. You will only gain if your site has an immense amount of traffics. Let your audiences know more your product. You can do this by sharing your articles on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. You can also tell your close friends to share the contents on their social media. This will increase more audience and there’s a high chance that you can Make Money With Amazon Affiliate.

Building an email list is another great way to promote the blog. Use marketing email strategy tools like GetResponse, AWeber, or MailChimp to collect email address and send them the newsletter right into their inbox.

Wrapping Up

Becoming an Affiliate Associates is absolute 100% free. If you’re giving a review for the product, be honest and truthful. Don’t lie for the hope of increasing sales. Remember, recurring customers are always valuable. It is recommended not to promote the products that you are not aware of. Only promote products you have already used or you are quite aware of. If customers ask for your any query regarding the product information, you don’t want to make them up, do you? Moreover, promotion is a must. We’ve already discussed that earlier.

The last but not least, don’t lose hope. Earning money through sales is not an overnight success scheme. It needs patience, time, as well as devotion. You will know better once you start selling.

These the basic steps how you can Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program in a legit way. If you liked this article, do not forget to share. Or if you have any question, do not hesitate to pin your query on the comment box below.

Happy Selling !!

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