Smart Keyword Research Tips and Ideas to Rank Better in SEO

Keyword research is used by smart content writers to discover the topics and phrases they should write about. Once you learn the process of finding awesome keywords for your business, you’ll be benefited from the better rank in SEO and boost online result. Having vast of keyword research ideas give you the better understanding of your customers more than your competitors. In this article, we will give you smart keyword research tips and keyword research ideas that help you rank better in SEO and boost online traffic.

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Keyword Research Tips and Keyword Research Ideas that Help You Rank Better in SEO and Boost Online Traffic

1. Create a Bucket of Keyword Lists

Instead of directly jumping into a fix guess keyword, collect as many related key phrases as possible. Good keyword research ideas start by collecting the seed list of initial terms. Use your imagination, brainstorm and investigate to fill out the keywords that represent your brand and product. You can also spy your competitors to get an idea of what competitors are bidding on using tools such as SpyFu or SEM Rush. Studying few competitor’s keyword terms can give you some new keywords which you didn’t think of earlier.

 Later expand your list using the keyword research tools. Open your favorite keyword research tool and start entering your keywords. To know about some best keywords research tools, take a look at our article “Best Tools to Create Keywords List to Help in Your Keyword Research“.

2. Target the long tail keywords

Long tail keywords with more than three words are a better way to attract subscribers and customers. The long tail keywords have less competition and attract the more targeted audience. Instead of broad keywords which have hyper-competition, choose a more specific keyword. To know about long tail keyword check our article on “How Long Tail Keywords Can Increase Your Site Traffic.”

3. Know your competitors

Instead of silently hoping that your keyword will work, it is better to do some market research about your preferred. Use tools like MozBar Chrome Extension to check keyword competition. Google your finalist keywords with mozbar and you will be given domain authority and page authority (DA +PA). higher the DA and PA it will be harder to rank. Go with keywords within your own PA and DA range.Higher the DA and PA of any keyword, harder it will be to rank so compete for use keywords within your own DA/PA range.

4. Avoid Competition with Big Fishes

If you want to boost online traffic and boost your SEO then try avoiding competition with big websites having high domain authority. If top websites have already a good article on your topic then it is useless to write in such topics. However, if you believe that top sites have done a poor job in covering your topic then you can go ahead with writing on that topic.

5. Go for Keywords that Show Weak Contents in the Search Result

Make a Google search for your keyword before writing on it. One of the great keyword research tips is to Avoid keywords that show strong contents when searched in web. If your key phrase is already covered in popular websites then choose the different key phrase for a better rank. Be specific and go for those keywords which are still in need of good contents. Simply search for keywords that lack proper topic coverage. If you are going to use the keywords and key phrases that are yet to be covered in the web then obviously your content will be shown in the top result.

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6. Use Multiple Focus Keywords using Yoast SEO Version (For Free)

This is the most important tip in our list of smart keyword research tips. If you are a WordPress user then we recommend using an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO plugin. You can learn the basics of how to use Yoast SEO through our guide “Write Blog Post With WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin“. The free version of the plugin only allows a single focus keyword. However, you can use our trick to show you how to use multiple focus keywords on your blog using the same free version. Take a look at our article “How to Add Multiple Focus Keywords in Yoast SEO for Free.”

However, you can only target synonyms in the same page. Keywords that mean 2 different things should have their own page.

7. Use Secondary keywords

Secondary keywords can be the synonyms of your primary keywords. This is same as using multiple focus keywords using Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. Find few synonyms of your primary keyword and then incorporate these in your page title, SEO title, and meta description. But do not use more than 5 secondary keywords in your content. Be careful not to mess your headlines in trying to incorporate all your keywords into a full match. Your headline should sound nice and can include partial matches for your secondary keywords.

Never rely on a single keyword as the only source of traffic unless your keyword is something very very specific. You should have a list of good keywords, and you should be trying to target as many as possible.


In this article, we showed you seven smart keyword research tips and keyword research ideas that help you rank better in SEO and boost online traffic. We hope this article was helpful. Keep reading our other articles on our blog.

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