How to Start Podcast With WordPress

Podcasting is turning out to be a serious business that can be a primary source of income for many. But setting up podcast is a really confusing process and can take a really long time. In this article we will go through the step by step process to show you how to start podcast with WordPress.

What is Podcast?

Podcast is the collection of audio files that the users can subscribe to stream and download from the internet. Podcast require an audio file that users can listen and a RSS feed which users can subscribe to stay updated. The fact that WordPress has built in RSS feed system makes WordPress the best platform for podcasting. There are various podcast stores or directories where you can submit your podcast. Some popular Podcasting directories are as follows:

How to start podcast with WordPress?

We can compress the entire process of podcasting in 3 simple steps.

  1. Set up WordPress website or blog for publishing your podcast
  2. Get the necessary equipment to record your podcast.
  3. Use right tools to publish your podcast on the internet.

Step 1: Set up WordPress website or blog for publishing your podcast

If you already have your own blog or website then your half of the work is done. You can use that website to save time. But if you want a new website or don’t have previous website to publish then there are few things you have to do. Firstly get a self hosted blog. Self hosted WordPress will not restrict you like other free hosting ones. You can use plugins and most importantly monetize your website. You can read our article on “How to make money with blog using simple techniques” to learn more about monetizing your blog or website. If you are confused between and you can check our article on “What’s difference between and”.

The most important step in setting up website is finding a suitable domain name and selecting the right host. Our articles “Top 6 Best Web Hosting” will help you find the right hosting company for you. Most hosting companies provide free domain registration service. After you have worked out with the hosting, you can install WordPress in your hosting space and select any Podcasting theme or general theme for your website.

If you are going to upload a lot of audio files then we recommend you use some media hosting services like Blubrry. Separate media hosting will save a lot of space from your website hosting.

blubrry-page How to start podcast with WordPress

Step 2: Getting the necessary equipment to record your podcast.

The basic and most important equipment for starting podcast is a good microphone. You can also use the computers built in sound recorder but the sound quality will be terrible. So choose a microphone according to your budget. Samsung C01U is an entry level microphone. ATR-2100 mic and Rode Podcaster are some best microphones available in the market. For professional use, you can try Heil PR-40. You can also purchase other equipment according to your need like headphones, microphone arm, shock mount and pop filter.


The next thing you will need is audio recording software. Audacity, Adobe Audition and GarageBand are some widely used software. You can use any one of them but Audacity is our recommendation since it is free. You can find tutorials and articles to help you use these software. Once you know how to record, edit and save the files using the software, you can proceed further.


Step 3: Use right tools to publish your podcast on the internet

The next to learn is how to publish your audio. You will need a plugin to be installed first. In your WordPress site install a plugin called Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting. See our article “What is Plugin in WordPress and How does it work?” to know more about plugin.

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After activation, a PowerPress button can be seen under the menu of the WordPress admin area. The Blubrry PowerPress plugin gives you the option to use a simple or Advance Mode of the plugin. Simple mode is sufficient for most cases.

If you are using Blubrry to host your podcasting files, then you can also integrate your Blubrry account with the plugin to receive the Blubrry services. There are other settings too in the plugin that has to be configured before the podcasting plugin to work. Give a title to the podcast and fill the iTunes fields and then save the settings. And then click the save bottom.

Publish your podcast in WordPress website

Now you are ready to publish your podcast in your WordPress website. First you have to upload your audio files to the Blubrry hosting account. Now you can follow these steps to upload the new post.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Posts > Add New
  2. Give a new title and description for your podcast.
  3. At the bottom find the Podcast Episode box.
  4. If you are hosting your media file in the then you can link it to the post with help of blue button. Or you can simply paste the URL of the media file if you are hosting your media in hosting other than


5. Finally click the publish button to publish it.

Now you should have successfully published your first podcast in your WordPress site.


Test and publish your podcast in iTunes

iTunes is a huge market place to expand your listener and increase your subscriber. To test how your podcast looks on iTunes go to iTunes and then go to File>> Subscribe to Podcast and then enter your feed URL. iTunes will fetch the feed and display it.

To submit and publish the podcast in iTunes follow the given instructions.

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes in your computer.
  2. Open iTunes and select the iTunes Store
  3. Select the podcast menu and scroll to Podcast Quick Links area.
  4. Click the Submit a Podcast


You will need Apple ID to complete the submitting of your podcast to iTunes directory. The next thing you need is your podcast feed URL. The submitted podcast feed will be reviewed by iTunes staff and after approval it will be added to iTunes directory.

We hope the article helped you with starting any online podcasting business. Before purchasing any equipment and online tool for your podcast, it is wise to check online reviews and customer feedback.

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