How to Start Online Store With WooCommerce in WordPress

If you are looking to open online store in WordPress powered website then WooCommerce is the best option available. WooCommerce is the most popular free eCommerce solution. In many cases, selling goods online can be more profitable than on the physical store. With proper promotion and social media use, you can actually influence larger mass of customers and generate higher revenue. This guide will teach you how to start online store with WooCommerce in WordPress.

Reasons to choose WooCommerce?
  1. WooCommerce provides all the features like shopping cart, checkout page, payment integration and many more to give its users complete eCommerce solution.
  2. A number of WordPress eCommerce themes are available which are WooCommerce friendly.
  3. It has a free plugin with more than 3000 extensions to extend its features.

How to Start Online Store With WooCommerce in WordPress

We have simplified the entire process in the following steps

  1. Get a self hosted WordPress website
  2. Install WooCommerce Plugin and configure basic settings.
  3. Choose an eCommerce theme
  4. Start adding Products

Get a self-hosted WordPress website

The first step is to get a self-hosted website. Self-hosted WordPress will not restrict you like other free hosting ones. If you are confused between and, you can check our article on What’s difference between and

The major step in setting up website is selecting the right host and finding a suitable domain name. Most hosting companies provide free domain registration service. After you have worked out with the hosting, you can install WordPress in your hosting space. Since you are going to do a serious online business, it is important to purchase a SSL certificate. SSL will help you to establish the secure connection between your server and the customer’s browser.

WooCommerce Plugin Installation and setup

The first thing you have to do is to install the WooCommerce plugin in your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New. Search for WooCommerce and install the WooCommerce plugin by WooThemes.

add-plugins-woocomeercee How to start online store with WooCommerce in WordPress

Once you have successfully installed and activated the plugin, you will be directed to Setup Wizard for configuration of some basic settings. Simply click on lets go button to get started.


The first step is page setup. Your store requires some basic pages and WooCommerce will create the shop page, cart page, checkout page and customer account page automatically for your store. You will need these pages so click continue.


Next step is to setup your store location, currency format used in your store and units used to measure your product. Quickly fill up your answers and click continue.


The next step allows you to configure shipping and tax setup. If you are selling physical goods to your customers then you can enable the basic shipping option. But if you plan to sell digital goods, then you can disable shipping option. According to the law of your state or country, you may need to pay certain amount of tax on your sales. So, you may want to enable sales tax option. Once you are done click continue.


The next part deals with payment methods. Since PayPal is widely used payment method, you can start by entering your PayPal email address on this page. It also supports other offline and online payment methods like bank transfer, cheque and cash on delivery.


Finally, you can click continue and this should finish your quick setup wizard. Now you can return back to your WordPress dashboard to perform other actions.

3. Choose an eCommerce theme

Before you actually start adding products to your website, you will need a WooCommerce compatible theme. The WooCommerce plugin adds a lot of functionality and features so you will need a theme that can handle it correctly. You can use the official WooCommerce theme called Storefront . This theme is completely free and has child themes and extensions to help you build your store. You can also find any other themes from WordPress theme directory. Installing any theme from WordPress directory is simple. You just have to go to Apperance > Themes.

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4. Adding Products

Now you can start adding products. But before adding products you have to create some categories and then add similar products in their respective categories. Categories help you to organize your product items. For adding categories go to Products > Categories in your admin dashboard.

Give the name, slug and description to the new category. You can also include the parent category, display type and an image in the category. After adding category you can add some tags. Tags can be useful for grouping products that don’t fall into the same category. It is a good idea not to duplicate your tags name with category name. For adding tags go to Products < Tags. You can give the name, slug and description for the new tag and click add button.

Now you are ready to add products. In your WordPress dashboard navigate to Products > Add Product. Enter the name of your product and place it under any categories or tags.

There is a place to give the product image and an optional product gallery. You can also find two text boxes for writing product description.

There is a product data box in the page where you can select the type of your product and fill the basic options for the product. According to the type of your product you can enter the information like price, shipping details, inventory etc.

This WooCommerce product page comes with everything you need for your product along with plenty of space for adding descriptions and pictures to keep customers interested. Finally when you click the publish button, your product should be added to the website. Now you can start adding other products and start doing some business.


No matter how good your store is, it is incomplete without proper marketing and promotion. You can take help of social media, create newsletters and improve your SEO raking. You can also give freebies, special discounts and coupons to encourage customers in buying your products. Along with increase in networking if you can maintain the trust and credibility then you can successfully run your store for the long run. In this article we showed you how to start online store with WooCommerce in WordPress.You can also check our other article on “How to Integrate PayPal Donate Button in WordPress

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