How to Start eCommerce With Shopify in WordPress

At present time starting any eCommerce in WordPress is not as hard as it used to be few years ago. With just few clicks, you can open your own Shopify store and connect the store with your WordPress website. In this article we will be showing you how to start eCommerce with Shopify in WordPress.

How to Start eCommerce With Shopify in WordPress

Shopify is a popular and easy to use platform for eCommerce. It provides all the features and security needed to make a good eCommerce store. Shopify has introduced themes and plugin that will allow you to add products to your post without even leaving WordPress. Shopify manages all complex stuff for you like payments, secure checkout, shipping and fulfillment, inventory, and taxes.

Setting up Your WordPress eCommerce Store with Shopify

You have to first register an account with Shopify by going to official Shopify website. Shopify offers 14 days free trial during which you don’t need any credit card. After the trial is over, the plans start from $9/month. Registration process is simple. You have to first enter your email address, password and name of your store that you want to create.

shopify-signup How to Start eCommerce With Shopify in WordPress

You may have to enter few more details in the form before the sign up process is complete. The information to be filled in the form is about your store and your address. When the sign up process is complete, you will be directed to the easy to use dashboard of your Shopify account from where you can easily use numerous Shopify features.

dashboard-shopify How to Start eCommerce With Shopify in WordPress

Integrating Shopify with WordPress

With Shopify you can easily turn your WordPress site into an online store. You can feature various products in your website and connect them directly with the Shopify shopping cart platform. Shopify has a free Shopify plugin for WordPress that will help you to easily integrate Shopify store with your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to add products with buy button in any of your sidebar, page and posts.

shpify-plugin How to start eCommerce with Shopify in WordPress

First install and activate the Shopify eCommerce Plugin. After activation you can see the new menu item called ‘Shopify’ in your dashboard menu. Navigate to Shopify > Settings and connect to your Shopify store using unique store name.

If the connection is successful then you will be driven to the Shopify setting page in your WordPress dashboard.

shopify-setting-plugin How to start eCommerce with Shopify in WordPress

There are three things you can do from this setting page which are as follows:

  • Add a product to see it in your store
  • Setup Payment
  • Setup your shipping
Adding a product in the Shopify store

 When you click ‘Add a product’ button in the setting page, you will be directed to your Shopify accounts page for adding new products. You can give the title, description and images of the new product. You need to provide other information too about the product like its price, shipping and inventory details. When you save the changes your product will be added.


Setup your payments

One of the important steps is choosing a payment gateway to accept payments for orders. Click on the Setup payments button in the setting page. This will direct you to the Shopify setup payment page. Shopify supports most of the popular payment gateways. By default, Shopify accepts PayPal payment with PayPal Express Checkout. You will be able to accept the credit cards payments by using the Shopify payments. However you may have to enter few more details about your business to complete payment setup.

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Setup Shipping for Shopify Store

Click on the Setup shipping button which will direct you to the shipping setting page. In the shipping setting page you have to enter shipping origin which is by default is set to store address. You need to enter few more details like the shipping zones and shipping rates for each zone. You can also use the external service to fulfill and ship your order.


These basic configurations should be enough for you to sell any product in your Shopify store.

Displaying Shopify Products in your WordPress website

Displaying products in your WordPress post or page is easy. While adding a new post or page, you can notice a new button called ‘Add Products’ in the editor screen.


When you click the Add Product button, you get a pop up window with the list of your products. You can select the products you want to add.


Next you can add the buy now button with a product image or just the buy now button.


When you publish the post you can see the added product in the front end of the website.

You can also choose to display the products on your WordPress sidebar. Shopify widget can be found in the available widgets. Simply go to Appearance > Widgets and add the Simplify widget to the sidebar. In the widget setting box you can click add product button and include your desired product in sidebar.

We hope this article on ‘How to start eCommerce with Shopify in WordPress” helped you start eCommerce in your WordPress using Shopify platform. You can also read our other article on “How to Integrate PayPal Donate Button in WordPress”.

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