How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress

Generally, the first image of the post is set as a featured image even if featured image was not specified. Some users also use a plugin to automatically set default featured image. You can check our guide on “Automatically set Featured Thumbnails to WordPress posts” for more detail. There are many other cases when you may come across a situation where you will have to hide a featured image. So how to hide featured image in WordPress? According to the requirement of your theme you can turn off or turn on the display of feature image.

How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress

Here are some methods to control the display of featured image in different pages.

Hiding Featured Image from Specific Post

The easiest way to hide featured image from specific post is by using a plugin called  Hide Featured Image. Hide Featured Image works by allowing you to hide the featured image from individual posts. This plugin adds an additional option box above the feature image meta box called Show or Hide Feature Image. You can select Yes or No radio button to display or hide the feature image. This plugin is very easy to use since there are no settings for you to configure. All that the plugin does is just hiding it from the display on front end of your website. If you ever wish to show the featured image again, you have to edit the post and uncheck the hide option. If you have created custom post types which has featured image support, then don’t worry because the plugin works perfectly with custom post types too.

Here are the steps to install the and use the Hide Feature Image Plugin.

1. Login to your Admin dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New.
2. Search for keyword Hide Featured Image.
3. Install the plugin shown in image below and then activate it.
How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress4. Since there are no settings to configure the plugin is ready for work.
5. Whenever you edit or add new post you can see a new meta box added on the top of feature image meta box.
How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress

6. Select Yes or No to show or hide the feature image.

Hiding Featured Image From Inside all the post

Now if you want to show post thumbnail in pages like archive page or home page but want to hide from inside every single post, then you can delete the code that is displaying thumbnail image from the single.php file or you can use CSS to set the display of the featured image to none. The easiest way to do this task is by CSS. Lets see the step by step method to hide the post thumbnail from inside every post.

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1. Login to your Dashboard.
2. Navigate your path through Appearance >> Editor. This opens the Edit Theme page.
3. On the right side among the list of template files under the Styles topic, search for Stylesheet (style.css).
How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress4. This opens CSS file in the editor . To hide post thumbnail from inside every single post, add the following code in the end of style.css file.

.single .post-thumbnail {

5. If you want to hide the feature image completely from all the pages, you can use the following simple CSS code.


That’s all. We hope your requirement to hide feature image is successfully fulfilled using the simple techniques we have mentioned.

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