How to Hide a Post from Home Page in WordPress

By default most WordPress themes are designed to display latest post on the homepage. But there may be cases when you don’t want some newly added post to be on the main page of your website. If you simply want to hide the certain posts from home page or any other pages, then this article will show how to hide a post from home page in WordPress.

Why hide posts?

The reason for hiding some posts could be different for different users. Here are some expected reasons of why you may want to hide posts from home page.

  • To make sure your valuable and popular contents gets highlighted on the home page.
  • If you don’t update your blog often, then it’s a good idea to keep non time-sensitive and evergreen articles on the main page instead of news and posts that gets outdated with time.
  • If you have created a controversial topic recently and don’t want this to be the first thing your visitors see, then hiding post can be a good option.
  • If you want posts from certain category only, like you may want to feature posts from main writers only instead of guest bloggers, then hiding post can be useful.

How to Hide Post from Home Page in WordPress

If you want certain post to be completely hidden, you can always prevent it from being accessed by your readers by encrypting it with a password or making it private. But the most convenient and easiest way to hide posts is by using a simple plugin called WP Hide Post.

WP Hide Post is a free plugin that is extremely easy to use and do not require any special customization to work. The plugin gives you full control on the visibility of your posts. You can make your posts or items hidden from certain part of your website while it may be visible in other parts. Although the post is hidden permalinks of the posts will still work, and if you generate a sitemap the post will be there as well.

Installation of the WP Hide Post

Installation process of this plugin is very simple. Just follow these steps.

  1. Log in to admin dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for plugin with the keyword WP Hide Post.
  3. Install the plugin that is identical to image below and activate the plugin.

How to Hide a Post from Home Page in WordPress

You can also download the plugin manually from the official plugin page for WP Hide Post  provided by WordPress. Once downloaded, you can upload the wp-hide-post folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory. Finally you can activate the plugin by going to Plugins > installed Plugin.

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Using the plugin to hide post from homepage

WP Hide Post has no any settings to configure and starts working as soon as it is activated. When you create a new post or edit the existing post, you will find a new meta-box labeled ‘Post Visibility’ in the post edit screen.

By checking or unchecking the check boxes, you can hide the specific post from home page, category page, tag pages, archive pages and even from search results and feeds. These options provide a much controlled method for hiding certain post from desired pages in your website.

How to Hide a Post from Home Page in WordPress

Even if the page is hidden, users can still view the page if they have the URL of the page. This plugin helps to hide the pages also. When you add or edit any page, you can find a new visibility meta-box in the similar way like in the posts.
How to Hide a Post from Home Page in WordPress

The radio buttons in the visibility options allow you to hide pages from the list of pages appearing in the front page or anywhere else.


“WP Hide Post” plugin can be a useful tool for SEO optimization too. You can post certain articles with SEO in mind just to secure Google ranking. You get the freedom to create more and more posts in any subject you want without messing up your website. You can even post on a controversial topics and comment on hot subjects without feeling insecure.

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