How To Effectively Format WordPress Blog Posts

The quite interesting fact about WordPress is that nearly 1.4 million blog posts are published each day in WordPress hosted website. And you know what makes your site unique and stand out from other normal blogs? You’re probably thinking catchy headlines or useful posts or high-quality contents. Umm. yes, they quite play a vital role. However, the formatting blog posts is very important as well. In this article, we will discuss how to effectively format WordPress blog posts so that users don’t leave the site in halfway.

How To Effectively Format WordPress Blog Posts

Formatting tallies white spaces and it’s easier to read. Do the math, the paragraphs split in chunks hurts your eyes less than the single paragraphs with 100 words. If you cut those 100 words in 5 different spaces, it will make it 20 words per paragraph. Which do you prefer?

We will be discussing some rules to format WordPress Blog posts to stand out in other million blog posts.

Let’s get started.

#Tip 1: Break Up Large Paragraphs

I love to write. I will keep on writing what my mind speaks. So I am just writing this without breaking the paragraphs. Now your eyes are getting irritated and ignore to scan the whole at a time. Probably if you blink, you get lost in spaces. You can’t go the the point you last read. No matter how good is your article or how good is the writer, the readers will instantly bolt away from your post. This is why you should break up large paragraphs to effectively format WordPress Blog Posts.

The above paragraph makes sense, but 70% of the users won’t come to the end.

Now read the below paragraph.

I love to write. I will keep on writing what my mind speaks.

Now I am breaking the paragraphs to rest your eyes.

You can’t unread this sentence because your mind and eyes collaborate together to read it.

Small paragraphs are great for WordPress blog posts. That’s why you should use it.

Needless to say, the second paragraph is easier to read. You compare it to yourself. Now go through your each post and make sure the paragraph doesn’t have 3-4 lines at most.

#Tip 2: Add sub headings every 300 Words

effectively Format WordPress Blog Posts

This is equally important for SEO and not bore your visitors as well. Subheadings make your articles to format better and makes it easier to locate the point. For instance, take a look at this post. We have formatted our blog post with different headings so that the users can observe themselves the major points by themselves.

Note that 300 is just a figure. You can add subheads to break up a sentence in more or less than 300. If it’s difficult for you to break, you can also insert relevant images to split the sentence.

#Tip 3: Insert Bullet Points to Point out main ideas

effectively format WordPress blog posts

If you are pointing the major pinpoints, it is wise to use bullet points. However, using numeric or bulleted lists only in every paragraph is very unwise to do.

There are 3 things to consider while writing bullet points:

  1. Make it short and simple.
  2. Do not write the whole paragraph explaining it.
  3. Only use the valuable information in the bulleted list.
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Tip #4: Use necessary Hyperlinks to refer data

Now, this is another important pro-tip to effectively format WordPress blog posts. A hyperlink is a reference to data that the readers or users can directly follow by clicking, tapping, or hovering.

Using hyperlinks is great for SEO as well. Try to use inbound and outbound links in your post wherever necessary.

You can use internal or external linking to show the actual data or information to your website visitors.

Tip #5: Use bold and italics to point out key points

Bold and Italics are the amazing way to create an emphasis to the users. Further, it is an excellent way to draw an attention as well. A well-formatted blog post has italics or bold to point out key points.

Sometimes users just want to read the important points and the bold letters/sentence will help them.

Tip #6:  Use amazing images to add value to the blog

Readers are more willing to read your article if your post contains intriguing images in it. Moreover, illustrations help visitors to grab the quality information they need. There’s a saying “Pictures tell a lot about a person“. This expression is applicable to the website as well.

Make sure you use copyright free images because not every image you find on google is free. It may cause you a serious legal issue in the future. There are literally chunks of websites that provide free high-resolution images for websites for free.


Every blogger or website owner wants the users to read their blog. So, therefore, it is important that you should effectively format WordPress blog posts in order to engage readers to read your blog. Sometimes users don’t want to read your blog just because of its poor formatting.

It takes more time than normal writing blog post time but once the reader start reading your blog, they don’t stop scrolling. So, why not format your WordPress blog posts now?

Comments in the form below if you have any question or recommendation. We will be more than happy to reach out to you.

Happy Blogging !!

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