How to Easily Bulk Delete All WordPress Comments? Here’s Step by Step Guide

If you have already decided to remove all the comments from your WordPress, here you will find how to easily bulk delete all WordPress comments by one click. But before deciding to remove all the comments from your WordPress website, try to understand the importance of comment features in website.

Why is comment feature important in website?

Comment system is one of common feature of website and WordPress also has this features. Almost all the websites has comment feature. But one thing is sure that comment feature has great advantage over non comment system website. Commenting is one part of off -page SEO. Off-page SEO emphasize on how to increase site visitors, increase back-link and finally increase organic traffic to website. So, while many visitors comment on your website, they get backlink for their website. Because they can put website address while commenting.

By enabling comment system on your website will not loose any value from those comment. But at least, you will get some of the visitor who wish to comment on your post.That’s why, enabling comment and getting comments is win-win case for both, i.e. site owner and visitor who wish to put comment. That’s why, it is important to have comment features on your website.

Why do site owners want to delete all the comments?

Despite its’s important part in WordPress which i have already explained above, the situation may arrive where site owner has to delete all the comments from their website.

Here’s several situations which forced to delete all the comments from website.

  • Dummy comments:

    if site is in development mode and the owner is testing comments to see about how comments look in a live website. In such case, owners may post some of the dummy comments and while site is brought to live, owner needs to remove all those dummy comments from website.

  • Spammer:

    In internet world, there are a lot of spammers. You may have got a lot of spam comments on your WordPress website. If you have not protected your website from spam comment, the comment features will be frustrating feature for you. At that condition, you may prefer to delete all the spam comments at once.

  • Disable comment features

    You may have thought comment system is bad for your website and want to disable the comment features in your website. In such a condition, it is always better to delete all the comments first from your website database and disable comment system in your website.

  • Switch to Facebook comment:

    Facebook has been important part of any websites. And some of the their features are directly related to website. The commenting feature is one of them. Despite WordPress comment system’s advantage over Facebook comment system, website owner may prefer Facebook comment system thinking to receive more Facebook users comment easily on posts. So while switching to Facebook comment system, it is better to delete all the comments and integrate Facebook comment system in WordPress.

So if you have any of the above case, it would be wise decision to delete all the comments from your website. But if you think you need those comment later, it would be wise to backup your comment before deleting all the comments from your website.

How to Easily Bulk Delete All WordPress Comments?

There are some methods to easily bulk delete all the WordPress comments. Here i have discussed two methods which are;

  •  By using WordPress plugins
  • Through Database (phpMyAdmin)

By using WordPress plugins

There are several WordPress plugins available to bulk delete all WordPress comments. Here in this post, i have picked one of the plugin that does that task which is Delete All Comments Easily. First of all, all you need to do is install this plugin from WordPress plugin directory via website admin dashboard and activate it or download it from WordPress plugin directory. Install and active it. After activating plugin, all you need to do is visit Tools > Delete All Comments Easily from where you will see all the details about comments such as total comments, spam comments etc.

how to easily bulk delete all wordpress comments
Bulk Delete All WordPress Comments by using plugin

By clicking on the delete all button will delete all comments from your WordPress website. But be sure, this is permanent deletion of comments and can’t be restored back.

In this way, you can bulk delete all the WordPress comments from website.

Through Database (phpMyAdmin)

Another method to bulk delete all WordPress comments is through database, i.e. phpMyAdmin. If you have experience of accessing cpanel of your website hosting account, this method of removing comments from your website can’t be tough task. In this method, you can easily bulk delete all WordPress comments from database which can be accessed from phpMyAdmin.

Step to access phpmyadmin:

  • Login to cPanel dashboard of your WordPress hosting account.
  • Click on phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin Access via Cpanel

  • Open Database: Inside phpMyAdmin, you will need to open your WordPress database.

Comments Deleting Through phpMyAdmin

  • Check the box next to wp_commentmeta and wp_comment table. The tables name may be different depending on the table prefix you choose during your WordPress installation or changing by using plugin.

After selecting comments table, locate the ‘With selected:’ drop down menu below the table list and select ‘Empty’ from the drop down menu. Then PhpMyAdmin will now show you a warning message that asks you if you really want to remove those field or not.Comments Deleting Process Through phpMyAdmin

By clicking on ‘Yes‘ button, all the comments are deleted from your website.

In this ways, you can easily bulk delete all WordPress comments. If you like this content of title ‘How to Easily Bulk Delete All WordPress Comments? Here’s Step by Step Guide‘, then please share it on different social networking sites. And if you have something to say on this story, then please have your say on comment section below.

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