How to Create a Visual Sitemap in WordPress

Sitemap is an important part of any website either it is XML sitemap or visual sitemap. They have their own importance in a site and if you don’t know how to create a visual sitemap in WordPress, you are in a right place and here in this post, i will guide you on creating visual sitemap in WordPress site in a easiest way. Before we start to create visual sitemap in a site, let’s discuss something about it.

What is visual sitemap?

Visual sitemap is a HTML sitemap and is a diagram which allows you to present categories and pages in a hierarchical layout. It gives a better view of the website structure to your visitors.

Why Visual sitemap?

XML sitemap is for search engine whereas visual sitemap is for As visual sitemap allows you to present all  the categories and pages in a hierarchical layout, it will be useful to display all the categories and pages to your visitor in a single page. An XML sitemap is generated  specially for search engines which uses XML markup language to represent the contents of your site wheres visual sitemap is for visitors.

How to Create a Visual Sitemap in WordPress ?

Visual sitemap creation in WordPress is done simply by using plugin. There are several plugins to create a visual sitemap in WordPress. Slick is one of them. It is the best visual sitemap generator plugin. It is easy to use and simple to understand. This plugin allows you to create a professional looking sitemap of your site within a few minute.

Steps by step guide 

  • Create Menus: This is the first step of creating visual sitemap of your site. It is essential part as visual sitemap displays the categories and pages which has been organized in menus. To create menus, simply go Appearances>>Menus from where you can easily creates menus says Menu 1, Menu 2 where categories and pages are organized.
  • Download Slick: This is the plugin  to create visual sitemap in WordPress. Simply visit the plugin page and download, install and activate it.
  • Go Setting >> Slick Sitemap: This will lead you to setting page of slick sitemap plugin where you will see Default Sitemap Menu, Default Column and Default Utility Menu.

    how to create a visual sitemap in wordpress
    Slick Sitemap Plugin in WordPress Site Admin Dashboard
  • Select Menu 1 and Menu 2 in Default Sitemap Menu and Default Utility Menu respectively and select Default Column No. say 5.Slick Sitemap Plugin Setting Page in WordPress
  • Create a page: This is the page from where your visitor can see the visual sitemap of your website. To create a page, simply go Pages>>Add New from site admin dashboard from where you can create a page, say a name visual sitemap.
  • Add Short code: The short code to be inserted is [slick-sitemap] and publish the page. Then view the page which display all the categories and pages in Menu 1 and Menu 2 as shown in figure below.Visual Sitemap

In this way, you can easily create visual sitemap in WordPress site.

If you have already created visual sitemap of your website, feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comments section below. Or if this article on ‘how to create a visual sitemap in WordPress’ has been useful to create a visual sitemap to your WordPress site, let us know how is your experience in creating sitemap in the comment section below.


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