How to Automatically NoFollow External Links in WordPress

When your website gets inbound link from any other website, then you get some link points. Higher the number of inbound links, the more points you get in terms of SEO. These link points are called Link Juice. Google uses a system to calculate link Juice or link point called PageRank. If highly reputed website throws a external link to your site, it will highly boost your link points resulting in higher PageRank. This article shows how to automatically Nofollow external links in WordPress.

NoFolow and DoFollow Links

No-follow links are those links that we don’t want search engines to follow and associate with site ranking. Do follow links are those links that we want search engines to follow. When you do follow any links to external site, you are passing your link juice to that site. A nofollow link is a link that does not count as a point in the page favor. It doesn’t boost PageRank and doesn’t help in a page’s placement in the SERPs. By adding the Nofollow attribute you can be sure that you are not passing any link juice to the website you don’t want to.

By default WordPress and other blog websites adds do follow attributes to any of the newly added links. So if you want to add dofollow relation to any of the link, you don’t need to do anything. WordPress do not provide any option to add Nofollow to links. You have to manually change code in editor to add nofollow tag. Any normal link in HTML is written as

<a href=””>MustBeWeb</a>

For adding Nofollow attribute to this link just add code rel=”nofollow” in the anchor link tag.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>MustBeWeb</a>

How to Automatically NoFollow External Links in WordPress

If you want to add nofollow link without touching the code then use Title and NoFollow For Links  plugin. It adds a title field and no follow check box in the insert/edit box. Now whenever you add links you can check the No-follow check box.

How to Automatically Nofollow External Links in WordPress

Adding NoFollow on All the External Links

If you want to add nofollow attribute to all external links in WordPress, you can install a plugin called External Links Plugin. The plugin allows you to make various settings of the outbound links.Follow these steps to install and use the plugin.
1. Go to Plugins > Add new. Search for External Links.
How to Automatically Nofollow External Links in WordPress2. Install and activate the plugin.
3. After activation go to Setting > External Links.
How to Automatically Nofollow External Links in WordPress4. This takes you to plugins configuration page. Among many settings, you can find a setting called Add No Follow. Keep this check box checked to add rel=”no-follow” to all outbound links. For individual links you can override this feature by adding the attribute rel=’follow’.
How to Automatically Nofollow External Links in WordPress5. Similarly you can add other features too in the outbound link like adding an icon, opening the outbound link to new window, adding domain to exclude from the nofollow rule and so on.
6. After all the configuration, save the changes.

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Now all of your outbound links have rel=”nofollow” attribute added automatically.

There is no reason you should be nofollowing every external links. You should have a balance number of dofollow and nofollow links for making a perfect link profile. You should strategically use nofollow and dofollow on your links.

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