How to Add Rich Snippets in WordPress

While making search result, you must have seen the extra lines of eye-catching information under the search results. This extra information is called Rich Snippets. If you are wondering how you can get those custom search listings for your own website, then this guide is exactly for you. This article will show you how to add rich snippets in WordPress website.

Rich Snippets add “extra information” to snippets and make you stand out in search results. Rich Snippets help you to increase click through rates and drive additional traffic to your website.

What is a Rich Snippet?

A rich snippet is the few lines of additional text/graphics that appear under every search results. They are designed to give users a better idea of the content that search result contains as well as its relevance to their query. You can use rich snippet to show additional information in the search results.

Rich snippets make your website more noticeable and visible in the search result. It gives an insight of the website explaining what the users will find when they click on the website. A rich snippet can be text, picture, review, or even a price range.

In this article we will showing you to add snippet in your article using plugin. Manually adding snippets can be tedious and difficult. So our recommended way is by using a reliable plugin.

How to add Rich Snippets in WordPress

The easiest and most effective way to add rich snippets to WordPress is by installing a rich snippets plugin.

All In One  plugin is completely free and best choice among the list of available plugins. It allows you to easily add the rich snippets to any posts and pages. First install and activate the All In One plugin from the WordPress directory.

Once you have activated the plugin you will notice a new menu icon called Rich Snippet in the dashboard. When you click the menu icon you will be directed to the configuration page for the plugin.

You can see various types of snippets that you can create. You can configure each option by simply clicking on it and filling the values according to your requirements.

Also when creating a new post or page you will see a new meta-box called Configure Rich Snippet.

Click the drop down and select the content types. Once selected, you will have to add information about the post and page in the fields.

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How to Add Rich Snippets in WordPress

Finally save the post or page to store the snippet data and then you’re done.

List of Plugins available

Few other plugins that can be used for adding Rich Snippets in WordPress

Test your rich snippet with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

To make sure your rich snippet is correct, you can test the URL of any post by Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. If you get the green ‘all good’ text, then your snippet is perfect. But if you get errors, then you can expand the box to view things that need to be fixed. Remember your rich snippet may not be shown immediately and may take days to appear in the search result.

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