How to Add Google Search in WordPress? Here’s Step by Step Guide

If you are struggling to get the best resource on how to add google search in WordPress, you are in a right place. Here i’m going to instruct you the step by step guide to integrate Google custom search engine in your WordPress site. Despite default WordPress search’s improvement in recent year, you may have realized some of it’s bad aspect. In a case while there are more contents in WordPress site, WordPress default search might not work as you may have expected. Default WordPress search can’t show the relevant result while your site’s contents grows which may disappoint your visitors while searching. That’s why you need to find the right solution for your WordPress site visitor.

Fortunately, there is solution for this problem. Using Google’s custom search engine in your WordPress site will solve all those problems. There is no doubt that Google is one of the most popular search engine in the World. And it’s popularity is everywhere from United State, Europe, Asia to Africa etc. Because of it’s advance technology in internet search, it is used by everyone in the World and probably will be used in the future too.

Why Google?

Lack of ability of default WordPress search has led to use Google custom search engine. Default WordPress has some limitation which has been listed below:

  • In most of the case, results are often chronological.
  • The search results cannot be refined through advanced parameters.
  • The search results display the default WordPress excerpts (often the first paragraph).

These limitation has led to find the solution. And here’s Google to answer to this problem. Google has built one of the technology that enables other sites to use it’s search technology and it is known as ‘Google custom search engine’. So if your users are not getting relevant result from default WordPress search, it’s time to integrate Google custom search engine in your WordPress site so that your visitors get relevant result from your site.

Advantage of Google search:

  • Shows relevant results.
  • Includes all the content on your website within search results.

Showing relevant results is the main reason to use Google custom search engine. So by using Google custom search engine will add value to your site as it shows relevant content to queries.

How to Add Google Search in WordPress

Using plugin is the best and easiest way to add Google custom search engine in WordPress site. The main benefit of using the plugin is that it does not require any modification to theme files. There are several plugins to add google search in WordPress site and one of the best plugin is WP Google Search.

Why to use this WP Google Search plugin?

This is the best and most popular plugin to add Google search in any WordPress website. This plugin allows you to add Google search in your website easily. This plugin eliminates some lengthy process and you only need to register to Google Custom Search, get your Google Search Engine ID, and enter it in the plugin settings page. Then your Google custom search engine is ready for use. Put the new Google search box widget on the sidebar which works fine.

Here’s step by step procedure to add Google search in WordPress

  • Install Plugin: The first step of adding Google search in your WordPress site begins from plugin installation process. Download this WP Google Search plugin from WordPress directory, install it and activate it or install this plugin from your site’s admin dashboard,i.e. Plugins>Add New. Then Go to  Settings>WP Google Search to setup the to add google search in wordpress

WP Google Search plugin  asks you Google Search Engine ID.

How to get Google Search Engine ID? Here’s step by step guide.

  • Go to Google Custom Search Engine.
  • Click on Create a Custom Search Engine. Then you are taken to the next page where there are some field to be filled such as
  1. Sites to search: Enter one or more URLs of your sites you want to have Google custom search engine.
  2. Language: Choose the language of your website.
  3. Name: Enter the name of the search engine.
  4. Advanced options: You can restrict pages from the above site list to only those that contain types from the list below. You can add up to ten (10) types to your Search Engine. Note that when you add a node, all its children automatically get included, so you do not need to add them again. For example, if you add CreativeWork, you do not need to add Book, ImageObject, VideoObject etc. separately.
  5. Click on Create Button: Upon clicking to Create button, Google will now create your custom search engine for your sites. And it shows a success message with links to further actions.
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Your Custom Search Engine is now almost ready. This will take you to the control panel for your custom search engine. First, you need to click on the ‘Search engine ID’ button. Copy search engine ID and paste that ID on Google Search Engine ID field of WP Google Search setting page.

how to add google search in wordpress

Look and Feel

Look and feel tab allows you to choose any one of the theme for search result and you can choose one of them there. After choosing one of the theme, click on save button.

Switch Back to WordPress site:

Now it’s time to switch back to your WordPress site and paste the search engine ID which you have copied. Apart from search engine ID field, there are some field in WP Google Search plugin setting page such as:

  • Display search box before search results:If this option is turned on, the search field will appear above the search results.
  • Link Target Blank: Display content of the links of the result set on new browser tab.
  • Support Overlay Display:If you set on Google CSE admin page that result set is displayed in Overlay mode, then also set this checkbox.
    In this case search results will be displayed without loading a new search result page.
    If you do not use overlay display mode in GCSE, then clear this checkbox, because result set can not be displayed correctly.
  • Use default corrections CSS: If this option is turned on, some css will be applied to improve the appearance of search elements in case of most WordPress themes.
  • Search Page Target URL: The plugin automatically generated a page for displaying search results. You can see here the URL of this page. Please do not delete this page and do not change the permalink of it!

After that visit Appearance>Widgets where you will see WP Google Search widget in the list of available widgets. Drag and drop the WP Google Search widget to a sidebar that your theme support where you would like to display the search to add google search in wordpress

In this way, you can easily add Google custom search engine in your WordPress by using this most popular plugin.


You may have spent a lot of time in creating the great contents on your site, but if your visitors are unable to find those contents easily by using default WordPress search, they will not likely come back to your site. So Google has come with the best answer for those kind of the problems to sites. Google search’s ability to find relevant contents on your site may make your visitors comfortable and happy too.In the above article, i have explained step by step guide to add Google search in your site and you may do it easily in your site.

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