How Often and When Should You Blog ?

It’s one of the many questions most bloggers ask themselves. “I just wrote one of my blog posts yesterday, should I write one today too?”, “Will my visitors disappear if I don’t blog this week?”, “What’s the minimum required amount of blogs I should post per week?”, and the lists goes on. The real question here is how much your are devoted when it comes to blogging rather than how or when should you blog.

As you might know, the consistency is always better than the actual time blogged. For instance, instead of writing 3 blog posts in a day and not writing a single word for or a week, it is better to publish/schedule them in an interval of 2 days. That means you have 3 blog posts in a week. That is consistency.

Anyway, in this article we have short blogging tips especially for the most puzzled bloggers on how often and when should you blog. This article may change your perception on blogging.

How Often and When Should You Blog?

1. Don’t be Jealous of Other Daily Bloggers

When Should You Blog

You heard it right. Don’t be too envious of other daily bloggers. It is good for them if their content is worth daily blogging. At mustbeweb, we publish our posts often considering the right time and right contents. It is always better if your blog has something new almost every day to share with the visitors. But, hey, let others do what they do and you do what works best for you.

2. Consider the Purpose of Your Blogging

When Should You Blog

Blogging has a different purpose. Some do it for building brands whereas some blog to grow traffics. Not to forget, monetizing the site is another major reason many people blog. You can even blog to share your ideas to your audience without any other purpose. The real point here is, you need to consider your audience and why you are blogging.

If you want to build a brand, write topics about your brand. If you want to drive traffic and monetize the site, deliver the quality articles to your audience. If you just want to rant your thoughts, do it whenever you like. It’s your blog, you make the rule.

3. Relax and Lower Your Expectations

When Should You Blog

One of the problems many new bloggers have is, they set very high expectations from the beginning. They make plans at first claiming, for instance, they’ll blog 3-4 times a week regardless of quality contents. So when things don’t get as planned, the pressure rises and they just write unrelated or low-quality contents just to fill their void.

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This will do nothing but brings bad impressions to the visitors. Just relax and go smoothly at the start.

4. Be Rational and Realistic

When Should You BlogNot everybody needs a blog. Of course, there are many benefits of having a blog but blogging is just not for everybody. We need to be realistic here. Just owning a domain and writing a few articles a month just doesn’t work. If you have enough time and are devoted to putting your thoughts into blogging, then go for it. Otherwise, you are wasting both your and your readers time. At first, it many not work as you planned, but once you are consistent enough, you’ll learn much within a short span of time.


Do what pleases you. Blogging is a great platform to deliver your ideas and making money online. Be consistent, deliver the quality contents, write your ideas, and most importantly, do not blog under pressure. Do it wisely. You must remember that your blog is not for your but for your visitors and your readers. If you can please them, your blog will automatically drive to success.

Happy Blogging!!



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