How Can Long Tail Keywords Increase Your Site Traffic

Effective research and use of keywords can significantly increase the traffic and sales of any website. Understanding how to properly use the keywords can improve your search engine ranking, increase traffic flow and ultimately increase the sales. In this article, we will be discussing how can long tail keywords increase your website traffic.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the simple phrases or words that the users enter in the search engines to find what they are looking for. In other words, a keyword can be a single word or a multiple word phrase used inside your web contents which make it possible for people to find your website from the search engines. Keywords must be relevant to your content. Different sets of business and products can have different kinds of keywords.

Which keyword to aim for?

You need to know what how people are searching for content or products which you offer. Making a list of keywords is the first and most important step in any search engine optimization. Let’s assume you have a website selling shoes. Obviously, the proper and popular keyword for this case will be “shoes”. Since “shoes” keyword will be searched for many times in the search engines, thousands of websites will be using this popular keyword. Furthermore many big brands and shoe companies will be investing enough resources in ranking higher for that keyword. That leaves very small chance for small business owners and starters to be shown on search engines using common keywords. The good news is there are still plenty of ways and methods that you can use to rank your website higher for certain relevant keyword.

How Can Long Tail Keywords Increase Your Website Traffic

Long tail keywords: A way to stand out in the competition

Long tail keywords are phrases that are generally longer and far less popular than the other popular head tail keywords. The Longtail keywords attract far fewer competitors in the search engine ranking war than the normal keywords. Many big brand websites with high budgets do not use long tail keywords due to their less popularity. This fact provides a great opportunity for start-up and no budget websites to be shown in search result with the help of long tail keywords. If you publish contents focusing on long tail keywords, your website will start getting more visitors from search engines.

Here is an example of long tail keywords.

  • Non-long tail: ‘shoes’ which is searched like 300,000 times.
  • Long tail: “stylish shoes for men and women” which is searched 4000 times in the search engines.
Long tail keyword provides more potential customers.

The visitors directed by long tail keyword are likely to convert into potential customers. It’s due to the fact that the visitors following long tail keywords are more targeted and focused. Any generic keyword can create high number visitors but they may not be the potential customers. The major advantages of focusing on long tail keywords are as follows:

  • Due to comparatively lesser competition, your website will rank higher in the search engine.
  • Overall, they can give you much more traffic to your site than the popular keywords.
  • The traffic generated by long tail keywords is more likely to buy your services and products.

How to Find Suitable Long Tail Keywords for Your Website?

The idea of finding long tail keyword is pretty simple. Just start with the main generic keyword like ‘shoes’ and then become more specific according to the product and service you offer like ‘leather shoes for men and women’.

The Google keyword planner can be a handy tool to search for keywords and get historical statistics. With this tool, you can check the performance of a list of keywords and create a new keyword using them.

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SEO Book Keyword Suggestion is useful keyword research tool that gives you a number of long tail keyword suggestion. Similarly, there are other tools like  Wordstream Keyword Tool and WordTracker which can also be useful options for keyword research. If you want some premium tools for find appropriate keywords then HitTail and LongTailPro are some popular choices.

google adword How Long Tail Keywords Can Increase Your Site Traffic

Next way is to type your main keyword into Google search and check the auto-complete tool suggestion list. The more words you types more focused result you can get.

You can perform the above-mentioned method s to produce a list of long tail key words to use on your content.

Optimize your website for the long tail website.

The first thing to be aware of is to choose the relevant keyword according to your content. To let the search engines know any content is related to certain keywords, you should include these keywords inside the article. Do not overuse your keywords – once or twice can be enough. Using keywords too many times in an unnatural way for increasing search results is called keyword stuffing. Although keyword stuffing had worked very well in the past, at present the search engines can penalize your website for this act. Some best places to include the keywords are in titles, headings, starting and ending paragraph of the posts or pages, image alt tag, Meta tag in the header and so on. Always write for your readers and not the search engines.


Every website owner dreams about getting their website shown on the front page of Google search page. Long tail keywords avoid the conflict of your website with the big brand names and companies. Using the low profile long tail keywords can give you more visitors than the generic keyword. The traffic gained from long tail keyword have higher conversion rate.

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