How To Get Google AdSense Approval In a Legit Way

Google AdSense is the best and probably the most effective way to monetize your blog or website. What most people fail to realize is that Adsense is still a very viable option for earning a living online. A few years back, it was not that tough to get approved for Google Adsense program. A few 15-20 published articles with 250-300 words each was enough to use AdSense Program on the website. However, since 2015 Google has conducted a new policy. The content should be unique as well as rich in both quality and content along with plagiarism free. You probably have realized now that low-quality duplicate would work for AdSense Program. In this article, we will learn the basic guide to get Google AdSense Approval in simple ways.

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How To Get Google AdSense Approval In a Legit Way

Google, unlike other Ad serving programs, accepts all the applications (just application). Don’t get confused with application approval and AdSense Program approval. Once you submit your website to the Google AdSense for approval, they’ll review your website and send you the confirmation email within 2-3 business days. This is just a temporary consent. After that, they’ll provide you a code to insert into your website for authorizing verification. Then only you’ll know whether you are eligible for this amazing magnetization program or not. Each and every website is manually checked by professionals (i.e. humans) which make it more difficult for bloggers. Follow these below steps precisely to approve Google AdSense program in no time.

Get Google AdSense Approval

1. Domain Name (Custom or Sub-Domain)

A few years back, the domain was not an issue. Since Google is now established and has nothing to lose if they decline any proposals, they’ve made their updates and policy stronger. Meaning that it is essential to use a custom domain rather than sub-domain i.e. use instead of for Google AdSense program.

They do consider Blogger/Blogspot because it’s their product but still custom domain is strongly recommended.

2. Domain Age

You should keep in mind that custom domain name alone is not enough to get approval for Google AdSense program. Domain age is another essential thing as well. There are cases many website owners get their sites get approved within a few months of their new sites. However, it is once in a blue moon case. Google now only approves to that domain whose domain authority is more than 6 Months.

3. Contents (Quality, Quantity, and Plagiarism Free)

The most important thing for Google AdSense Program is quality contents, a decent number of articles (preferably 40+ articles), and unique contents. Traffic from a search engine is less important for the program. Moreover, if your website contents are in English, write in plain English that is humanly understood. Since Google is very strict these days, they check each and every article.

Try to include 3-4 articles of more than 2000 words each. The more quality contents, the better and faster chances of approval.

4. User Experience Website Design

Get Google AdSense Approval

Maintaining a clean design with the best user experience and navigation is what Google demands now. If your website is designed well with proper navigation along with pagination and easy search access to your blog, your website definitely gets approved on the first attempt. Make sure your website is clean and Mobile Friendly as well. It is a plus point.

If you are using WordPress, I recommend you to buy a premium template/theme which will cost you less than $50. They have everything you need for AdSense Program like the clean design, responsive, proper navigation, and even places to insert Ad Codes.

5. Third Party Ads and Affiliate Programs

Get Google AdSense Approval

Since Google is a bit anxious about the viewers, they want the website owners to make sure that the content is never plugged by other serving Ads. So before applying to AdSense Program, make sure you don’t place any other third party Ads and Affiliate Program on your site. At least not until you are eligible for this program. Moreover, your website needs to look fresh and free of any other Ads or banners.

Once your AdSense application gets approved, you can use other AdSense Alternatives ads and banners along with Google AdSense on your website. But again, stay away from those until your account is approved.

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6. Integrating Google Analytics and Search Console

Get Google AdSense Approval

Integrating Google Analytics will boost a hunch that you are a serious blogger. Furthermore, this will also give you an upper hand in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Setup Google Analytics from here to register your website in Google Analytics. Once registered, you can track the data of your website instantly.

To register your website on Google Webmaster Click here to register and click on “Add a Site”. Verify your website ownership through any of the recommended methods and complete the process to keep your account functioning actively. The same process applies to Bing Webmaster Verification.

7. Create XML Sitemap and Robots.txt Page

To get Google AdSense Approval, it is necessary to add sitemap and robots.txt files for your website to get a trust from Google. If you are using WordPress, there are chunks of free sitemap plugins that you can install on your website. It’s a few clicks install. Creating the robots.txt is easy as well.

It is important to know that sitemap and robots.txt are not the direct factors to get Google AdSense Approval. Instead, they are trust factors. Adding sitemaps on your website help search engine bots to index your site faster while creating the robots.txt file will eradicate unwanted junks in Google.

8. Important Pages

Now, this is a crucial factor to get Google AdSense Approval in less time. Google checks the authenticity of the site before you signup for the AdSense Program. Make sure you have following pages appearing on your website.

  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of use Pages
  • Disclaimer Policy

In the “About” page, openly mention who you are, what’s your website’s motive, and why this site is made. In the “Contact” Page, do not forget to place your address and email so that visitors/customers can easily reach out to you. Or may be contact form as well.

9. Avoiding Adult and Prohibited Contents

It comes under the AdSense Policy that, sites with adult contents, copyrighted contents, violated contents, and other illegal contents will not be approved. So make sure you write articles that do not violate the AdSense Policy.

Final Words

So these are the most important tips to get Google AdSense Approval in no time. Follow these tips precisely and see your website gets approved by yourself. The worst thing you could do before applying to AdSense is to have low-quality articles, bad blog layout & design, and missing important pages.

Many people fail to be eligible for this program for the first time. Google always gives an accurate reason for your AdSense Program disapproval. Study them thoroughly and improve/update your blog. Eventually, you can monetize your blog with AdSense Program after the approval. The thing is you mustn’t lose hope. There are always other Highly Paying AdSense Alternatives available if you ever think AdSense Program is not for you.

Happy Monetizing !!

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