Free Plugins for Easily Accepting PayPal Payments in WordPress

If you are selling goods and services, or accepting donation, you will need the feature to accept payment in your website. For secure payments, PayPal should be the primary choice. PayPal is one of the most reliable, trusted services and it integrates flawlessly with WordPress. Although there are many plugins that allow you to receive payments, most of them charge fee in exchange of their service. To be frank lots of plugins are unreliable and not worth paying for. In this article we will focus on some free plugins for easily accepting PayPal payments in WordPress. These plugins allows you to avoid fees and still receive payment from your website.

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Free Plugins for Easily Accepting PayPal Payments in WordPress

1. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

wp simple paypal cart Free Plugins for Easily Accepting PayPal Payments in WordPress

This is a very useful plugin that allows you to add a wonderful shopping cart system to your website. Users can add products into their cart. When visitors are checking out they can pay via PayPal. In addition, you can also include shipping costs as well as allow coupon codes with the help of this plugin.

2. WP Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

ultra paypal cart Free Plugins for Easily Accepting PayPal Payments in WordPress

This is another plugin that allows you to add a shopping cart very easily in the WordPress with the help of a shortcode. This allows you to add an ‘Add to Cart’ button on any posts or pages. You can easily add or display shopping cart on any post or page or sidebar. You can also add a form between the cart validation and the PayPal submit. This plugin can be customized in the plugin admin area by CSS. PayPal Shopping Cart Accept PayPal Express Checkout.

3. WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept

The WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept Plugin lets you set up a “Pay Now” PayPal button on your site. It can be used in the sidebar, posts and pages of your site. Create a payment widget to accept any amount from your customer. You can also switch the plugin to accept donations. Create text based or image based payment buttons.

4. Quick PayPal Payments

Quick PayPal Payments simplifies the process of making PayPal transaction via website into one short code. With one shortcode you can collect any amount from anywhere on your site. It offers many exciting features like instant Payment notifications, in-context checkout, fully editable auto responder, downloadable payment records having thank you page, a coupon code etc.

5.  PayPal Donations

If you’re simply looking for a donation button, you might want to consider this plugin. It allows you to add a PayPal donation button as a widget or shortcode. You can choose the type of donation button or even use your own custom button. There are also options available for currency, localization of the button, custom payment page style and the return page.

 6. PayPal responder

This is a Simple PayPal plugin. It processes payment for a product via PayPal, then sends an email responder to the customer and returns them to a URL of your choice. It is really simple and particularly useful for single product sites because it eliminates the need to add a shopping cart

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7. PayPal for Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin is an easy to use PayPal method for Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Plugin. It has been developed by Official PayPal Partner. It provides four PayPal Payment Methods which are Express Checkout, PayPal pro, PayPal Pay flow and PayPal Advanced. The plugin provides a direct payment checkout buttons on any of your products, carts and checkout pages of your site. Your customers can use their PayPal Express Checkout.

8. Give — WordPress Donation Plugin

Give is a plugin that helps you raise funds for any of your social cause. It is specifically developed for accepting donations. It does not have shopping cart system and provides just a simple page with all the features need to accept donations. The plugin has complete features, documentation, and support to help you receive donations easily. This is a free plugin that you can test online and offline. It also has various other features like integrating a third party mailer like MailChimp, adding payment gateways and sending receipts to donors.

9. PayPal for WooCommerce

If you are running a eCommerce site powered by WooCommerce, PayPal for WooCommerce is a very good choice. This is a free plugins that is easy to use. It has many rich features like that of any paid plugins. You get a solid PayPal gateway that works with PayPal Express, PayPal website Payments as well as PayPal Payments Pro. The plugin provides easy manage and reconcile of orders without the need to bouncing back and forth between WooCommerce PayPal.

Any one of the above mentioned plugin will help you getting PayPal payments in WordPress. We hope the article was helpful in giving you idea about various free plugins for easily accepting PayPal payments in WordPress. You can also check our other article on “How to Integrate PayPal Donate Button in WordPress“.

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