How to Allow Your Visitors to Download eBook in WordPress

Do you want to sell EBooks to your customer? Do you want to share useful PDF documents to your visitors through WordPress website but don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry if you are not a WordPress programmer who can handle the bulk of codes. We have created this article to help you easily allow visitors to download eBook in WordPress. We will give you step by step methods to add an eBook download option to your WordPress without writing a single line of code.

Download eBook in WordPress

How to Allow Visitors to Download eBook in WordPress

Insert EBook Download Link Directly to WordPress Posts

You can create a link that is attached to the PDF file which you want people to download. Users will simply click the link and they can view or download the file. Uploading PDF file in your page/post is similar to uploading any other media file. First, find the page or post where you want to keep the PDF. Go to the post edit screen. And click add media button.

With the help of Media Uploader, upload the PDF file from your computer to your WordPress server.

Once uploaded, select the PDF file and click the Insert Into Post link. Before inserting it into the post you can also give a title, description, and caption to your PDF or eBook.

Download eBook in WordPress

   That’s all. Now your viewers should see a link pointing to your EBook. Users can simply click the link and PDF will be opened or downloaded.

Download eBook in WordPress

If are good with CSS then you can create an attractive download button instead of the link. A download button asking visitors to download eBook in WordPress will be more appealing and useful. If you want more control and easy management then you can also use plugins. For all plugin lovers, here are some related plugins which you can give a try.

Usage of EBook Download Feature in Your Website

EBook is a way of sharing valuable information in the form of PDF to your visitors. But you can be cleverer and gain benefits by keeping eBook download button on your website. There are two major benefits you can gain by allowing eBook downloads.

  1. You can gain more subscribers
  2. You can sell your eBook and make money.

 How to get more subscribers through eBook?

With right techniques, you can increase your email list, generate the lead, and boost conversion and so on. You can ask your visitors to first subscribe before they can download any eBook which you have provided on your site. There are many companies like MailChimp and OptinMonster which can help you create the email subscription feature on your website. MailChimp is great for startups since they provide the free service for first 100 subscribers. We also have a very good article on “How to Add Email Subscription to WordPress using MailChimp”. Since you are offering free content and eBooks and in return, you will be asking visitors to subscribe to your website. You can use the email list to generate regular traffic and boost conversion rate.

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How to sell your eBook and make money?

If your eBook contains the really valuable piece of information and if you think people will be ready to pay some dollars to get your content then you can set up the online payment method to your website. You can create a new online store or start e-commerce in the existing site. Companies like Shopify and WooCommerce can help you set up your online shop within few hours. We have some really good articles that can help you with setting up the online shop.

If you only want to set up a reliable PayPal payment method in your WordPress website then you can take help from WordPress plugin. Our article “Free Plugins for Easily Accepting PayPal Payments in WordPress” can help you in finding a good PayPal plugin.


We hope our article on “How to Allow Your Visitors to Download eBook in WordPress” was useful. you can also read our other article on Adding Image Gallery in WordPress Without Coding.

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