Different Methods to Promote Old Posts in WordPress

One of the common rules of running any blog website is to give your readers with the newer contents and frequent updates. Most websites focus in regularly publishing newer posts. In fact readers love new contents and even Google promotes newer and updated contents in their search result. But while we are focused in updating the blogs daily, we often tend underestimate the importance of promoting older posts. In this article we will discuss about different methods to promote old posts in WordPress.

Many times an amazing and truly valuable post dies back in your archive. There may be posts that were popular once which were highly appreciated and shared by your visitors. With the passage of time, these older posts are lost in the back seat. As the famous proverb says Old is gold, few older posts can be real gem hidden in the past and waiting to be rediscovered.  Not all older posts are useful but the key is to identify the evergreen posts that still have potential to attract readers. .

Different Methods to Promote Old Posts in WordPress

1. Social media promotion

Social Media is a powerful platform to reach the mass of people. Regularly sharing your older posts over popular social Medias like Twitter and Facebook help them to be noticed by readers and followers.


You can also take help of plugin like Revive Old Post that automatically shares your old posts on social media.

2. Showcase Related Posts on Your Blog

related-post in Different Methods to Promote Old Posts in WordPress

You can include a related topics section at the end or side of any post to showcase some older but useful posts. Showing related posts can drastically reduce bounce rate on your website and improve conversion rate. You can use plugin like Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, Advanced Random Posts Widget, Contextual Related Posts and Related Posts for WordPress to display related posts in your article.

3. Internal linking


Inbound links through anchor tag to your older but relevant posts is most important SEO strategy to redirect traffic to it. When subject matter of any new post is similar to one of your older post, you can suggest visitors to read that older post too for additional information. Inbound links gives positive message to Google and readers suggesting that the post is still relevant which can help to upgrade search results ranking. Internal linking system also helps to decrease the bounce rate. You can use plugin like SEO Smart Link, Insight or SEO Internal Links to better manage internal links.

4. Link Old Articles in Comments

While answering comments in any of your posts, you can use links in your answers directing to the same older related posts. This will increase page view and gives exposure for your older posts.

5. Custom Archive Pages

You can create a custom archive page including your valuable older posts. In the archive page you can display all your category and tags. You can show most popular articles, most commented posts and recent articles. You can synchronize them according to date, author or any category. Including a search form in the custom archive page will be useful. This will help readers to find contents. If you want to display all the posts in single page, you can check our article on “How to Show All WordPress Posts on Single Page”.

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6. Better WordPress Search


Although WordPress default search feature is not as bad as it was, it is still far from perfect. Searching in WordPress powered search does not always give you relevant results. For removing Search feature from WordPress check our guide on “Steps to Remove Search Feature from WordPress Completely”. You can use third party search sites like Google Custom Search to replace WordPress search. You can also use search plugin like SearchWP to improve WordPress search.

7. Showcase older posts in 404 Pages

404 page is a page that is displayed when a page that the user is looking for cannot be found. You can be extra creative by showcasing some older but important contents of your website in the 404 page.

8. Display Your Popular Posts


Few older posts that are highly popular can be kept alive by making a section of popular posts. It is more likely that the new visitors are attracted to popular post which has been liked by many.  You can use plugins like WordPress Popular Posts, Popular Widget and Top 10 – Popular posts plugin for WordPress  for displaying popular contents.

9. Update Images

You can dd new images to an older post and then redeliver it to your followers in a new exciting way. You can give new life into an older post by refreshing its visual look.

We hope with the help of these tips you can make the most of your valuable older posts by re-sharing and promoting it among your visitors. You can also read our other article on “How to Start WordPress Blog for Beginners“.

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