Best Tools to Create Keywords List to Help in Your Keyword Research

If you are a regular blogger, then you must have come across the word ‘keywords‘. A keyword is the most important element of SEO. Every other SEO techniques revolve around keywords. If you are simply testing your luck by giving random keywords to your pages then maybe that is the reason your contents are disappearing into the vastness of web. With just a little keyword research you can highly boost up your online presence in the search result. In this article, we will teach you how to do the first step of keyword research and show you the best tools to create keywords list for your SEO plan.

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Best Tools to Create Keywords List that Will Help in Your Keyword Research

To develop a relevant and search friendly keywords first you have to identify your target audience. Then start keyword by brainstorming. Write down as many keywords you can think about. You can also spy meta tags on your competitor’s websites to get an idea of popular keywords in your field. Note down all the suitable keywords for the particular context. You can later build your content around the keyword or you can edit your content to match with your keyword.

Once you get a handful of keywords to initiate, you can then use keyword research best tools to create keywords list that will help in your research. Let’s take a look at some of the best tools to create keywords list which can be handy in searching for the perfect keywords.

1. Google autocomplete

Google autocomplete is the easiest and the best place for finding the long tail keywords. It uses a search predictor to find the related search terms. When you type any keyword in Google, it suggests the possible terms based on popularity and freshness of search terms. Start by typing the common keywords and note down all the possible related keywords that are being suggested.

auto complete - Best Tools to Create Keywords List

Look out for long tail keywords since they are less competitive. You can also search words in different order and with an underscore (_) sign to find more results.

2. Moz Keyword Explorer

This is another useful tool you can use to find more trending keywords. You can discover new keywords and prioritize the best keyword to target. Simply enter your phrase or keyword in the search bar and Moz keyword Explorer will give you the list of keyword suggestions. It will give you the monthly search volume data, estimated click-through rate and score for the keyword. Note the new and trending keywords from the suggested keywords that were not shown in Google autocomplete.

moz explorer - Best Tools to Create Keywords List

High volume keywords will be more competitive. You can also group keywords to find better results. Again try looking for long tail keywords to decrease competition.

3. Hub Shout Web Grader

Web grader by Hub Shout is another great place to find the competitors keywords. You can discover the organic ranking of your website and can even compare it with other websites. Simply enter any website name which you want to analyze in the textbox as shown in the image below.

hub shout Best Tools to Create Keywords List

Web Grader will then give you the monthly traffic value of your website. They will also show you which of your keywords are ranking highest and which of your contents are generating high traffic.

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4. Wordtracker

Word tracker is a completely free keyword research tool. It is a widely used and trusted keyword research tool. Word tracker is a cloud-based keyword research tool. Simply make the search query with your keyword and you will be given the thousands of long tail keywords. You can save the keywords and choose the best one from them for your pages.

5. Keyword planner

The Google keyword planner can be another handy tool to search for keywords and get historical statistics. With this tool, you can check the performance of a list of keywords based on records and prediction and create the new list of keywords by combining several lists of existing keywords. The great thing about this tool is you are able to pull information directly from Google which is the main search engine you are targeting.

There are so many other tools you can give a try.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator, SEO Book Keyword Suggestion are useful keyword research tool that gives you the number of long tail keyword suggestion. Wordstream Keyword Tool and WordTracker can also be useful options for keyword research. If you want some premium tools for find appropriate keywords then HitTail and LongTailPro are some popular choices.


Collecting the broad list of long tail keywords is the basic but very important step in getting SEO rich content. Next stage choosing the right keyword from the list you collected. Analyze the competition of the final keyword you selected. Avoid clash with the big websites that are already generating high traffic in your keyword. Go for keywords that with weak contents that have not been covered yet in the search results. We will discuss the topic of analyzing the keywords and choosing the right keyword among your list in our next article.

we hope you liked our this article on “Best Tools to Create Keywords List to Help in Your Keyword Research”. You can also read about long tail keywords in our article “How Long Tail Keywords Can Increase Your Site Traffic.”

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