The Best Google AdSense Plugins To Look in 2017

Google AdSense is a superb way to start earning money. There are stories a blogger or site owners making a million bucks just from placing AdSense on their website. If you are using WordPress then a plugin is the best way to place your ads and control it. With a few click installation and configuration, you can control the Ad Placement anywhere inside the posts without affecting your site. Quiet interesting right? Well, in this article we are going to discuss Best Google AdSense Plugins for your WordPress site in 2017.

Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress

1. AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

With more than 40,000+ Active installs, WP QUADS is one of the best Google AdSense Plugins you can find. The plugin allows you to control almost everything regarding the ads. Unlike other free plugins, WP QUADS does not show their ads on the website. Moreover, the plugin supports shortcodes which give comfortable functionality to the users.

Best Google AdSense Plugins

Some of the basic features of AdSense Plugin WP QUADS are:

  • Absolutely Free
  • No external coding required. Simple installations and a few settings will display the ads.
  • You can make visible ads literally anywhere. Also, you can insert the Ad Code randomly within the post.
  • Support Shortcodes.
  • The code can also be inserted on the widgets.
  • Show or Display the code below or above pages/posts.

The plugin also comes with the premium version. The free version lacks some features. You can always upgrade to pro version to add extra features.

Pro Version Features

  • Displays ads on AMP page (required AMP plugin)
  • Responsive Ads: You can show the individual AdSense sizes for any devices like Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets.
  • Visibility Control: You can show/hide ads on any devices or any particular pages.
  • Speed: The plugin keeps the speed of your website.
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2. Advanced Ads

As the name suggests, Advanced Ads is a powerful and simple solution to manage/display ads on WordPress sites. With over 30,000+ active installs, this light weighted plugin not only displays the ads but also optimizes them as well. This advanced plugin is made for developers because they can customize a lot by tweaking codes on many things.

Best Google AdSense Plugins

Some Features of Advanced Ads Plugin

  • Use shortcodes to display ads
  • Supports other affiliate programs as well. For e.g. Chitika, AdSense, Amazon affiliates, etc.
  • Control option to display ads on pages, posts, or custom post types.
  • Control option to display ads with regards to devices.
  • Can display Ads even on the site that has AdBlocker extention.
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3. Ad Inserter

Based on the Ad Placement, Ad Inserter is one of the most popular and excellent ad plugins for WordPress sites. With the clean interface, this powerful plugin offers flexible ad management on pages , posts, or custom post types. The plugin lets you show the ads in different positions including before/after content or both, selected paragraph/excerpt, before title etc. Using the automatic display option will let the plugin choose the ad locations on your site.

Best Google AdSense Plugins

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4. WP PRO Advertising System

WP PRO Advertising System Plugin is a very robust Premium Plugin for managing Ads in your WordPress site. The uniqueness about this plugin is everything is very flexible and easy. Moreover, besides implementing normal ads, you can create Corner Peel Ads, Popup Banners, and even convert your post/page backgrounds into ads.

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Best Google AdSense Plugins

Furthermore, this robust plugin also gives the detail statistics by tracking a number of clicks, impressions & CTR to provide you very clean and detailed statistics. This powerful plugin is available just at $29 with a regular license.

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5. WP In Post Ads

WP In Post Ads is another ultimate premium plugin for In Post Ads in your WordPress site. In fact, it is one of the Best Google AdSense Plugins you can ever find. This plugin has all the hallmarks of the above-mentioned plugin but what is to brag about WP In Post Ads plugin is that it allows you to integrate Ads with Analytics. The plugin costs only $29 but once you purchase it, it’s worth every penny. With more than 300,000 satisfied customers, WP in Post Ads is worth a try.

Best Google AdSense Plugins

Some of the astounding features of this plugin are:

  • Tests position for your ads which one gets the more clicks and generates the most revenues.
  • Keeps tracks of the Ads Views.
  • Placing Ads anywhere inside the post. Literally anywhere.
  • Shortcode Embed features.
  • Powerful feature to display/hide Ads after some days or X days.
  • Option to hide Ads for logged in user only.
  • Lets the ads hover around randomly inside the posts/pages.
  • 24/7/365 instant support.
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Wrapping Up

So these are the Best Google AdSense Plugins you can use in your website to monetize your WordPress site. Since each site owner or bloggers has his/her own personal requirement, I recommend you to try each of the above plugins manually and use the one which fits your necessity. However, do not intend to use multiple Ad Plugins on your single site. It is highly not recommended.

If you know any amazing WordPress AdSense Plugin which is handy, do let us know.

Happy Monetizing !!


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