Benefits of Using CDN For Your WordPress Website

There are tons of benefits of using CDN for your WordPress website. Content delivery network (CDN) makes your WordPress website faster, as well as more secure and robust. A good CDN can handle large volumes of traffic without letting your loading time to rise. Any regular web host will have servers located just in one or two centers whereas any good CDN services will have servers located all over the globe. This gives huge improvements in performance for websites that get visitors from all across the world.

The network of CDN servers have been designed for distributing static files. These static files can be images, videos, scripts, and much of the content that makes up your website. Although the idea of distributing your website files to a network of multiple servers sounds complicated, CDN service will take care of all complexity in background. However CDN do not completely replace the web host. Along with CDN, you’ll still need a web host to store your WordPress database and other non-static files.

Benefits of Using CDN For Your WordPress Website

1. Speed

Using CDN will increase the speed of your website. Speed can also increase conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.

2. Higher search engines ranking

As Google has included site speed too as a factor to determine ranking in search engine results, so any faster website will get more exposure than slower website. Thus improving the loading times of your site with a CDN gives you SEO benefits.

3. Load Reduction and Consistent Speed

When running your own server or using shared hosting, your website experiences speed fluctuation or can even crash during traffic extremes. A CDN can help you  reduce or even prevent this effect. CDN is designed to handle massive loads of traffic.

4. Extra security

Lots of CDN providers has security features like malware protection and firewall. This adds an extra layer of security to website by keeping your website secure.

5. Going Global

You can have a global scope of your website using CDN. A quality CDN provider has servers spread out all over the world so you can target the global audience. Visitors from any corner of the world can experience your site flawlessly.

6. Cost Savings

CDN helps you reduce the load. This saves money for adding extra CPU or RAM. Similarly if you have a shared hosting, you may not need to upgrade to higher plans with good CDN. Using CDN is a lot cheaper than having your own web servers around the world. There are some CDN like CloudFlare that are completely free too.

7. Easy integration with WordPress

CDN has simple file structure so it can be easily integrated with WordPress. Most CDN providers have their own WordPress Plugin. This makes CDN easy to use with WordPress.

Cases where you might not need a CDN
  1. If your website is made for limited visitors from a specific location only, then it is better to have server located close to that location than having globally distributed CDN.
  2. If you are trying to use CDN purely for security reasons than CDN is not the best option. It is better to invest on some other security tools than on CDN.
  3. Most good WordPress hosting plans has CDN service included in them. If you are using hosting plan that offer CDN for free, then investing separately in CDN may not be a wise decision.
  4. If your website do not receive high traffic and you are not expecting increase traffic in future as well then you can decide to skip using CDN.
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The 5 Best CDN services for WordPress Users
1. MaxCDN:

Price: start from $9/mo | More Information


max-cdnbenefits-of-using-a-cdn-for-your-wordpress-website2. KeyCDN:

Price: $0.04/first 10TB | More Information


3. Amazon CloudFront:

Price: free 1 year 50GB starter plan | More Information


4. CloudFlare:

Price: free entry level plan | More Information


5. Jetpack Photon:

Price: free | More Information


Selecting the right CDN for your website is very important. Here are a few factors you should certainly check in any CDN service.

  1. Check its server locations. Choose a CDN that offers the right coverage as your need.
  2. The CDN should be Simple to integrate with WordPress. It will be even better if the CDN provider has a WordPress plugin.
  3. Pricing plans can be tricky. Some services fixed rate plans, while others offer pay-as-you-go pricing

There are hardly any downsides of using CDN. However using CDN alone may not be enough to speed up your website. Using a WordPress caching plugin, choosing a fast web host, and optimizing your images are few more things you should do in addition to using CDN.

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