Backup WordPress with CYAN Backup Plugin

CYAN Backup is an offshoot of the Total Backup plugin by wokamoto, a great backup plugin which allows you to schedule hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backups. It also lets you specify the files and directories you wish to backup or not. CYAN backup your entire WordPress site and its database into a ZIP file on a schedule basis. Remote storage options include FTP, SFTP and FTPS. In this article we will show you how to backup WordPress with CYAN backup plugin.

Backup WordPress with CYAN Backup Plugin

Setup CYAN Backup Plugin in WordPress

Step 1. Install and Activate Plugin

In the first step, installing “CYAN Backup Plugin” can be done searching for “CYAN Backup” via “WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New” as shown below.

1.Dashboard Backup WordPress with CYAN Backup Plugin

Step 2. CYAN Plugin Settings

After installing the plugin, go to Dashboard > CYAN Backup and click on the CYAN Backup tab. You will see the plugin Settings page in your screen as shown below.

2.Settings Page

With the Default settings of the plugin we’ll quickly backup the WordPress files and database into the local directory. To start the backup, click on “Backup Now!” button.

When the process of backing up is running, you will see a progress bar in your screen.

3.Start Backup

Backing up your site can take a while. Once the backup process is completed the backup file is listed in the Backup Files section along with the File Name, the Date and Time and it’s Size. You can also delete the backup file by clicking the Delete button.

4.Backup Completed

To have the backup of your WordPress site, click on the backup file link. On click a Pop-Up box appears automatically in your screen which helps you to download the ZIP file in the Downloads folder in your Computer. Select the Save File option and click on OK button to start the download.


When the ZIP file download is complete go to Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Users > PC Name > Downloads and you will see your Database backup .zip file in the Downloads folder in your computer.


Let’s continue with the settings of the plugin. Go to Dashboard and click on Backups under the CYAN Backup tab.

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Here in the General tab configure the archive path which specifies the directory to store your backups to. This must be writeable by the web server but should not be accessible via the web as a hacker could guess the filename and get a copy copy of your database. If you must place the backups in a directory inside of the WordPress directory (or web server root) make sure to block external access via .htaccess or other means. The default path is the directory for the temp files returned by sys_get_temp_dir().


Also you can configure the excluded paths which specify the directories you don’t want to back up. The default excluded directories are:

    • wp-content/cache/

It’s the directory for the cache files used by WP super cache and so on.

    • wp-content/tmp/

It’s the directory for the cache files used by DB Cache Reloaded Fix.

    • wp-content/upgrade/

It’s the directory for the temp files used by the WordPress upgrade function.


In order to activate the scheduler click on the Enable option and configure the scheduler if you want to backup on a regular basis. Schedule options include Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. It depends upon you, how you manage your backups schedule as per your convenience.


Storage Maintenance

Here in the Storage Maintenance tab, you can enable auto pruning of old backups by setting the number of backup files you want to keep in the directory. After completing the settings click on Update Options button to save all your settings of the plugin.


In this way, we can install and activate the CYAN Backup Plugin in WordPress. It is very easy to configure the plugin and with few clicks you can have your WordPress site backups within your computer.

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