Backup WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

In this article I’ll walk you through how easy it is to backup your database of your MySQL Database using phpMyAdmin. PhpMyAdmin is a MySQL database administration tool that provides easy to use interface for managing and maintaining your database. A database backup is intended to provide safeguard against some errors, system failure and unexpected loss of data. In case of such events, if original data is lost then the backup can be used for reconstructing the database. Other than the purpose of recovery or data in case of some data loss, database backup can also be used in data retention. Now let’s take a look at how easily we can backup WordPress database using phpMyAdmin.

Backing Up WordPress Database Manually Using phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is an open source software which allows you to manage all your MySQL database using a web based interface. We will be using the PhpMyAdmin for backing up WordPress database manually.

First you need to login to your WordPress hosting control panel. After you have login to your control panel, click on the phpMyAdmin under the Databases section.

Backup WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

You will see a new window being launched by the phpMyAdmin. A list of WordPress database is listed and just select from the list, which database you want to backup.

After the selection of the database, click on the Export link from the top menu bar.

Backup WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

A new screen will appear where you will be asked to select the Export method. It’s better to choose the custom method as it gives you more option to explore.

Backup WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

When you select the Custom option, in the same screen custom will reveal the option for you. All the tables in your WordPress database will be listed as selected. Sometimes the WordPress plugins add their own tables to your database. You can select the tables that you want to Export from the list of tables that are in the database and deselect the ones that you don’t want to export.

Backup WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

By default, phpMyAdmin will show you the output of the export process as text. You need to change that by selecting ‘Save output to a file’ option. For compression you need to select zipped or gzipped or bzipped option. After completing the settings, click on Go button to backup your database to the selected folder in your computer.

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Let’s know about the compressed files, zipped gzipped and bzipped.

  • Zipped: The ZIP format is an archive format that stores files and their directory structure, where each file is individually compressed. The file type is .zip. The files, as well as the directory structure, can optionally be encrypted.
  • Gzipped: The GZIP tool uses a compression algorithm know as “DEFLATE“. One of its main advantages gzip tools is speed. It can both compress and decompress data at a much higher rate than some competing technologies. The file type is .tar.gz.
  • Bzipped: BZIP is a free and open-source file which compresses single files and is not a file archiver. Typically it compresses files to within 10% to 15% of the best available techniques. The file type is .bz2.

If you want fast compression then select GZIP. If you don’t care too much about processing speed and need a good compression then use ZIP compression.

A Pop-Up box appears in your screen which helps you to download the .sql file in the Downloads folder in your Computer. Select the Save File option and click on OK button to start the download.

Backup WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

When the .sql file is completely downloaded go to Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Users > PC Name > Downloads and you will see your Database backup .sql file in the Downloads folder in your computer.

Backup WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

We hope this article helped you to learn how to Backup your WordPress database using the Manual approach.

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