Adding Image Gallery in WordPress Without Coding

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. So nothing should stop you from creating a beautiful image gallery on your website. Whether you are a photographer or a normal blogger who like adding pictures on your blog, WordPress is equipped with the right tools to help you get an amazing photo gallery. In this article, we will discuss the inbuilt image gallery feature of WordPress. We will also give you some great gallery plugins if you are not satisfied with the default gallery. So let’s begin our today’s article on adding image gallery in WordPress.

Adding Image Gallery in WordPress Without Coding

Using Default WordPress Gallery

WordPress has a great inbuilt image gallery feature which can work for many cases. Using default WordPress gallery will minimize the drawback and risk of using code and external plugins. So let’s start with creating an image gallery using default feature of WordPress.

Step 1: Find Location

Image gallery can fit in any place in your website. You can also place it in the blank post/page or in the middle of any post and page. First, choose right page or post where you would like to place the gallery.

Add media - Adding Image Gallery in WordPress

Step 2: Add image

First get ready with the images you want to use in your gallery. Now to add your images click Add Media button and select Create Gallery link as shown in the image.

create gallery - Adding Image Gallery in WordPress

You can use the images from the existing media library or upload new photos for your gallery. Select all the images you want to add and click the Create a New Gallery button.

add image - Adding Image Gallery in WordPress

Step 3: Edit gallery settings

As you progress through the above process, you will be driven to edit gallery page where you can give some customization to your gallery. In this page, you can give a caption to your image, arrange the order, set the image size and decide your number of columns.

gallery setting - Adding Image Gallery in WordPress

Once you are satisfied with the setting click Insert Gallery. Finally, update/publish the post/page that you are working on. This should be enough to make the image gallery appear in your desired location.

final look - Adding Image Gallery in WordPress

Step 4: Add a LightBox plugin

When your user clicks any image in the default image gallery, the image opens in attachment page or in the media file. This is not attractive at all. So our next step is to add a light box to the image gallery. There are wonderful light box plugins which you can use. Here is a list of few good light box plugins.

You are free to install any lightbox plugin you like. If you want to know what a plugin is and how to install it then check our article on What is Plugin in WordPress and How does it work?”.

Some light box may need simple customizations to set them up. You can check the online Demo of the WordPress default image gallery that we just created with the Responsive Lightbox by dfactory plugin and using feather-light light box effect.

Using WordPress image Gallery Plugin

Another great way to create eye catching image gallery for your viewers is to use an image gallery Plugins. Actually, the default image gallery of WordPress has limited effects and features. The default gallery fails in many aspects to give the user satisfaction which your visitors expect. If you want the modern and eye catching image galleries then there are many plugins that can help you with adding image gallery in WordPress. Let’s take a look at few top rated image gallery plugin which can help you to beautify your website.

  1. NextGEN Gallery
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Nextgen is one of the most popular gallery plugin available in WordPress. This plugin is suitable for simple to advanced gallery system. It offers the complete WordPress gallery management system with all the features to work with images. NextGEN gives you the wide verity of customization options for controlling the size, style, timing, transitions, controls, light box effects, and more.

  1. Envira Gallery Lite

Envira Gallery Lite is the free version of the popular Envira Gallery Pro plugin. All the creation and customization work can be done with the easy drag-and-drop. There are also various ready to use gallery templates for getting a gallery without any hard work. It’s extremely simple to customize and extend your gallery using the Envira.

  1. Huge-IT Image Gallery

Like any other gallery plugin, Huge IT also comes in two versions: the lite (free) version and the pro(paid) version. Even with the free version, you can create the unlimited images and the gallery. Huge-IT supports many additional features required to make the gallery more appealing like title and description, fully responsive views, pagination and load more links.

Some other Image gallery plugins which you can give a try

  1. Photo Gallery by WD
  2. Photo Gallery by Supsystic
  3. Foo Gallery
  4. WP Photo Album Plus
  5. WP Canvas


If the inbuilt gallery and the gallery plugins aren’t good enough for you then you can always create a custom gallery of your own. We hope this article on adding image gallery in WordPress was helpful. You can also read our other article on “How to Add Featured Content Slider in WordPress“.

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