Adding Adults Only Age Verification in WordPress

In this article we will discuss about why you may need to consider restricting access to certain visitors of your website and then show you some steps and tools for adding adults only age verification in WordPress websites.

Why do you need Adding Adults Only Age Verification in WordPress?

With the massive progress in technology, everybody has easy access to internet. People from various age groups from all round the world can easily view your website. And if your website contains inappropriate materials for children, then the wise step for you is to use age verification system in your website. Here are some common reasons why you may need to provide restriction according to age.

  1. Your website offers sex and dating related contents or services.
  2. You sell items that cannot be bought by underage viewers.
  3. Your website contains violence or adult jokes or music with explicit lyrics.
  4. You provide membership or organize contest that require participants to be of certain age.

If your website matches any of the above mentioned cases then it is the moral duty of the website owners to add Adult-only age verification in your WordPress website. Here are some of the step you can follow to add age verification in your website.

Add a privacy policy

Privacy policy is necessary to ensure that your website follows child protection laws. You privacy policy should provide assurance to the visitors by stating that the information taken from visitors will not be misused. You can create a privacy policy page yourself or use a template or plugin to build the page. In this article we will be using plugin called Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

terms-privacy-policy Adding Adults Only Age Verification in WordPress Site

You can easily find and install the plugin from WordPress plugin repository. After installation, go to setting page to customize the plugin. The setting page can be reached by going to Settings > Auto TOS and PP from the dashboard. Customize the plugin according to your need. Then copy the shortcode and paste in your website.  You can paste this shortcode to footer or in page verification request page or in popups.

Age Disclaimer Page

Disclaimer page warn the visitors about the content they are about to see. Disclaimer page may not keep visitors out if they don’t meet age requirement but it will at least serve as the first warning. For making the disclaimer page, you can create a new home page and connect it to the rest of the site. You can add the following things in your disclaimer page:

  • An age restriction note asking “Are you 16 or above”.  If the visitors click yes they will be taken to the rest of the site. For even stronger age verification you can add a form that requires visitors to enter their date of birth for confirmation.
  • If you want only the member to access your site, then in disclaimer page you can ask visitor to login or sign-up.

To create the disclaimer page there is no any special tool or plugin. It completely depends on your web development skills.

Age Verification system

age-restriction adults only age verification

Age Verification system is created after you have set the privacy policy for your website. In verification system users don’t need to build a separate home page like in disclaimer page. Visitors just have to confirm their birth dates and agree to the website privacy policy to gain access to the website. However visitors can still enter false date of birth and gain access to the site. Age Verification System in your website is the proof that you have followed the law and rules to protect under age visitor from viewing improper materials.

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There are number of plugin available to create Age verification system. Age verify Plugin is a popular choice. You can find various other premium options too like premium Age verification/restriction.

Popup Warning


Warning can be given to the visitors in the form of pop ups. It saves you from creating an extra full page verification system. Pop up warnings can be more flexible and provide more option then other verification system. You just need to set the pop up to the page where you want to limit access of visitors. You also have to keep a redirect link for visitors who are not eligible to view your content. The Content Warning and Popup Maker are some good plugins that provide you with warning pop up.

Restrict access to certain contents

You can also limit access of only a certain topic or blog instead of entire website. There may be cases when only a certain blog post contains adult material or any controversial topic. You can hide that certain post only allowing full access to rest of the website. Some useful plugin are Ultimate Category Excluder and WP Hide post.

ultimate-category-excludre Adding Adults Only Age Verification in WordPress Site

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There are number of laws acting to make sure children are protected from inappropriate contents. So you need to keep age verification system in your websites if you are running any improper contents. We hope the article was helpful for adding adults only age verification in WordPress website.

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