Add Contact Form in WordPress with Contact Form Plugin

Contact form by Bestwebsoft is extraordinarily simple to use contact form plugin available for WordPress powered website and blogs. It allows building a contact form with little or no configuration. User just has to activate the plugin and paste the provided shortcode in your post or page. This plugin has been developed with beginners in mind. Therefore, user doesn’t need to configure much unlike other plugins to create a contact form. However, there are many configuration options available for customization and some options are disabled which can be activated if premium version of this plugin is purchased.  It also provides advanced options, like captcha, save emails to database for free but user needs to install add on plugins. In this post, I will show steps to add Contact form in WordPress with Contact Form Plugin.

Features of Contact Form
  • Easy to use and configure. Ideal for Beginners
  • Provides file attachment field in the form
  • Provides the option to send the copy of the form to the user who filled the form
  • Create multiples form but requires Contact Form Multi by BestWebSoft to be installed.
  • Ability to change the label where fields are displayed.
  • Spam Protection using Captcha (requires Captcha by BestWebSoft or Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft plugin)

Add Contact Form in WordPress with Contact Form Plugin

Now we will look into 3 Steps process to add Contact form by Bestwebsoft  in our page.

Step 1. Plugin Installation

Add Contact Form in WordPress with Contact Form Plugin

Go to Dashboard  > Plugins  > Add New  and search for Contact Form in the search box. Look for Contact Form by BestWebSoft. Hit Install Now button and click on Activate to active the plugin. Once activated,you’ll see new BWS Plugines in your WordPress Admin Area like shown below. You will find the Contact Form in sub-menu:


Step 2. Create Contact Form

Click on Dashboard > BWS Plugins > Contact Form. A dashboard will be shown to you as in the screenshot below:


There are 3 Tabs – Settings, Additional Settings, Appearance .  We are in the Setting Tabs.  Here we need to set the email address where the messages are to be forwarded. You can see there are two options

  1. The user’s email address
  2. Use this email address

In Use this email address you can add any valid email address or by default it would default admin email address for WordPress installation. You can see the shaded disabled configuration, which can be activated by purchasing a premium version of the plugin. We don’t need the premium version for basic contact form.


Now we move into the next Additional settings. Click it and you will see a long page, so we will divide this section into three screenshots. But don’t worry, we don’t have to much configuration. The basic configuration has already been done for you by the plugin by default. So lets move on, you can see 3 options in the screenshot above :

  • What to use? – It lets us to choose which Mail function to use. You can choose any, no issue with that.
  • ‘FROM’ field – You can enter the Name and Email. Here we have Name as MeetTheWeb and From email as Makes changes according to you need.
  • Required Symbol – The default value is ‘*’. It configures “*” as symbol specifying the fields as required. Normally “*” is used in forms so we can leave it as it is.


When we scroll little down, we will have options to change fields for our form. The interface is quite intuitive, Just check on fields you want to add, and check on required if the field is required. Some fields are not available to add, they can be activated only by buying a premium plugin.

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Then, there is option “Add to the form”, Check on “Send me a copy’ block, if you want this block in your form which lets user to send the copy of the message to their email as well. There are other Checkbox like Subscriber by BestWebSoft and Captcha by BestWebSoft.  By Default they are not activated, you need to install and activate the additional plugin for that.

I have  already downloaded and installed Captha by BestWebSoft. We will add a Captcha in our form therefore, we will check Captcha by BestWebSoft. You can leave other configuration as default.


Now as we scroll to the end of the screen (see screenshot above). There are few options you might want to change. Change Language settings for the field names in the form to English from drop down. And in Action after email is sent, you have two options Display text or Redirect to the page. We will choose Display text here and leave the text as default text.

Now we click on Saves Changes to save our settings


Click on Apperace Tab. You can customize only few things in this section. Most of the options are disabled and are only available in Premium version of the plugin. You can select the Form Layout and Submit position  of the submit button. Choose as you like.

8-appearance II

Scroll down till the end of the screen , you will see screen similar to screenshot above. It shows the Preview of the form and a shortcode [bestwebsoft_contact_form]. Copy the shortcode and click on Save Changes button to save our changes. Now we will move into adding contact form to our new page.

Step 3. Adding the form to a new page

Go to Dashboard > Pages > Add New. Give an appropriate title to the page as Contact Us. We have given Contact Us as a title to our page (see screenshot above). Paste the shortcode you copied and click on Publish/Update to save the page. Finally, click on the Permalink below the title of the page to see our newly created contact page.


Your contact form will look similar to screenshot above.

Contact form by Bestwebsoft very simple and user-friendly contact form in the WordPress. Anyone looking for a boilerplate contact form can use this plugin. And you should keep in mind that the base plugin only supports only one form. To add multiple form look, you have to install Contact Form Multi plugin by Bestwebsoft. So, if you want to try, download this plugin here.

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