7 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2017

Over the past few years, SEO has changed a lot due to its Search Algorithm modifications and major updates in Google Search. Many Marketers and SEO agencies around the globe have already abandoned their obsession with link-building
and keywords. Instead, they are more focused on high-quality contents because this is the globally accepted ranking factor for SEO. In this tutorial, we are going to mention 7 SEO Myths you should leave behind and beliefs which do not even effect on SEO ranking.

Let’s begin.

7 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind

Myth #1: “You Must Submit Your Site To Google.”

7 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind

The assumption that you must submit your website to Google to rank high in Search results in rubbish. The idea of how Google Search works are quoted by Matt Cutts, “When you do a Google search, you aren’t actually searching the web. You’re searching Google’s index of the web, or at least as much of it as we can find.

Myth #2: “More Links are Better than More Content.”

7 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind

Obviously, in the past years, more links were the major factors for SEO ranking. Still today, building links are one of the top 3 factors for SEO Ranking but without quality contents, it is useless.

Nowadays, the skilled and updated SEO Experts focus less on link buildings and give more priority to contents. It is recommended to spend time and money on content rather than waste time on building links. It is because content can be used for blogs, web pages, and guest posts on other sites which will automatically bring links over some time.

Myth #3: “SEO is all About Ranking.”

7 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind

The ultimate goal of your blog is to increase tremendous organic traffics. One of the biggest misconceptions of people today is “Higher Goggle ranking means Higher Traffics“. This is absolute nonsense!! Of course, people will see your posts on the top google search but it doesn’t mean they gonna click your site. There are various reasons for this:

  • You are ranking your keywords unrelated to your fields and haven’t chosen keywords carefully.
  • Your Page title is not appealing.
  • Your Meta Description is not appealing.

Myth #4: “Keyword Optimization is THE Key to SEO.”

7 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind

Until a few years ago, it was essential that your blog posts should be exact matches of your keyword. However, things have changed now. Google now uses RankBrain which helps Google to operate search results and provide more pertinent search results for users.

Today, this highly effective algorithm detect the user experience of your posts. Instead of placing back to back keywords, write the useful contents in plain English for your site.

Myth #5: “H1 Tag is The Most Important Factor for SEO”

heading tag- SEO myths

<h1> tag is still important for search ranking, but it is not the most important elements on your site. Years back, Google and other search engines demanded structure of your heading tags on your page. However, now your headlines have no whatsoever influence on your overall SEO ranking.

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You can use whatever heading tags like (h1, h2, h3, h4) on your site as long as the user finds it easy to read and contents useful to them. As discussed earlier, search engines today are more of a user-experience than styling.

Myth #6: “The More Pages I have, The Better.”

More Pages - SEO myths

This is one of the many SEO myths you should leave behind instantly today. People focus on creating more pages for their sites and ignore quality contents. Of course, pages is important but with poor quality contents, it is useless. Modern SEO is all about adding quality than quantity.

If you have many pages with amazing quality contents, it is excellent.

Myth #7: “Images don’t Require any Optimization.”

Not long ago, It was not really necessary to include images without using alt text and image name to boost your site on search ranking. However, now, On-Page SEO is more important than ever before. Google algorithms now search your image alt tags to match your keywords, so excluding images will do nothing but block your site’s SEO performance to rank higher.

Name your image files relevant to your keywords rather than abcd.jpg. Keywords matter here!!


Now you are aware of the most common SEO myths you should leave behind to increase SEO ranking. The SEO rule changes every year. That’s why you need to get updated each and every year. You need to understand SEO truths to be more effective and efficient in SEO. Read the latest SEO news from trusted sites and blogs. This is the best you can do.


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