5 Best WordPress Plugins to Automatically Watermark Images

Watermarking an image is a good idea that assures authorized usage of the images. Watermarking can be done either through image editor softwares like Adobe Photoshop or through plugins or scripts. If the website uses WordPress as a Content Management System, it’s much easier to use watermark to the images through the use of WordPress plugins. Here are 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Automatically Watermark Images.

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Automatically Watermark Images

There are a number of good WordPress plugins that does the same job efficiently and effectively. Here we present the 5 best WordPress plugins to automatically watermark images in a website.

1. Easy Watermark Plugin

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Automatically Watermark Images

Easy Watermark is a light weight plugin that adds text or image watermark to the uploaded images automatically. Its flexible and most customizable plugin that allows a lot of control options to modify the uploaded watermark. Some of the features of this plugin can be pointed out as:
• supports text as well as image watermarks.
• supports multiple image formats like jpg, png, gif etc.
• all images in the media library including older images already uploaded to website can also be watermarked
• original images without watermark can be restored
• various options like watermark type, jpg quality, date format and time format can set through setting page.

2. Watermark Reloaded Plugin

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Automatically Watermark Images

Watermark Reloaded is a WordPress plugin that adds watermark with variations in font faces, size and colors in different 9 placement locations. It adds watermark to the images with very basic functionalities like watermarking for different sized images, watermark offset, text settings update etc. To enhance the features of this plugin, there is a Pro version with added functionalities like image watermark, opacity, background color etc. Some of the remarkable features of this plugin are:
• Basic version only allows text watermark
• user can enable watermark for different sizes of images
• Pro version enables Image watermark to be added with additional setting options like image background, background color and background opacity.
• Pro version has additional setting options for Text watermark like text opacity, text padding, text background, background color, background opacity, text outline, outline color, outline opacity and outline width.

3. Signature Watermark Plugin

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Automatically Watermark Images

Signature Watermark Plugin allows watermarking of images with selective image sizes and types with a special feature called Watermark Backup that lets the original images to be restored later if needed. There is an ultra version of the plugin with more advanced features like watermarking images manually from media library, adjustable watermark quality, fully adjustable JPEG quality etc.

• supports both text and image watermark
• watermark font, text width, color, transparency, vertical position, horizontal position can be set.
• watermark image width can be set.
• in Ultra version, watermark image/text vertical and horizontal position, high quality watermark options can be enabled.

4. Watermark My Image Plugin

Unlike other watermark plugins, Watermark My Image adds text watermark underneath the images uploaded. Watermark can be enabled for different image sizes like medium, large, full, custom sizes. Other functionalities include height and background color of the watermark, font properties, two texts customizable independently etc
• Older images already uploaded to the website can be watermarked.
• Custom fonts can be used by uploading them to /wp-content/plugins/watermark-my-image/fonts.
• Some options include setting up of text background color, offset (in both dimensions), spacing, alignment of text, and jpeg quality.
• One can customize two texts independently . For both the texts, different values can be given and font face, size and color can be specified uniquely to each other.

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5. Scissors and Watermark Plugin

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Automatically Watermark Images

Scissors and Watermark is a WordPress plugin that does additional task of cropping, resizing and rotating of the images. With this plugin, both automatic as well as manual watermarking of images is possible. It supports custom image sizes. It also improves the quality of images uploaded by resampling it to the requested size using bilinear filtering.
• watermark functionality can automatically applied to image sizes specified i.e. large, medium, thumbnail and full
• user can limit the watermark size either to a defined percentage of the image area or simply choose not to resize the image
• horizontal and vertical alignment of watermark can be set.
• images can be automatically re-sized by setting maximum width and maximum height of the images


There seems a lot of WordPress plugins for watermarking at the moment. Most of them are with good features and functionalities. The 5 plugins described here are with varieties of features that can perform many jobs a website admin needs. Conclusively, these plugins do not limit the sky but are remarkably good among all the watermarking plugins exists so far.

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