25 Common SEO Mistakes That Might Be Hurting Your Website

SEO is a strategy that requires a long time to master. No matter how much effort you put in the SEO part of your website, you may still be missing out something. When you do not pay enough attention to SEO, the consequences can be harmful. In our previous article we discussed about “13 Basic Rules of SEO Which Every Bloggers Must Follow”. In this article we will be pointing out the common SEO mistakes that might be hurting your website’s ranking in the search engines.

25 Common SEO Mistakes that might be hurting your Website

  1. Title tag is a very important part of any page. Since the title tag lies in the header section, most website owners fail to notice the significance of it. If you are using default or vague title names like ‘Untitled’ or ‘New Page 1’ then this may be harmful.
  2. Many websites have the same title tag for many pages of the website. Also using unrelated title names or using extremely lengthy titles can be harmful too.

  1. Description tag is another important aspect for SEO. Description tag can be displayed in the search result so it is necessary to use it properly. Most users use the same description meta tag for many pages which is a bad practice and falls in the list of common SEO mistakes.
  2. Using generic descriptions or using entirely unrelated description or filling description with only keywords or copying the entire page document inside the description, all these activities can lead to bad SEO ranking.

  1. Do your URL structures contain numbers with unnecessary parameters and sessions ID’s in it? Maybe your pages names are generic like page.html and index.html or maybe you are going to other side of extreme by using too many keywords in the file name.
  2. You may also have deep nesting subdirectories like “…/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/dir5/dir6/page.html”. All of these are the common SEO mistakes in the URL structure of your website.

  1. Linking every page on your site to every other page which makes the navigation links more complex.
  2. Instead of simple text links, using navigation based entirely on dropdown, animations and images.
  3. Having unorganized HTML sitemap with broken links.
  4. When your 404 pages are being shown in search engines, this can be bad for SEO.
  5. In 404 page providing vague only messages like only ‘not found’ and only ‘404’. Also having the design of your 404 page completely different with the design of your 404 page.
  6. Using images as text which users cannot copy and search engines cannot read.
  7. Having bulk of text without proper paragraph, subheading and layout separation. Also having grammatical and spelling mistakes in the contents of your website.
  8. When your contents are not unique but just the duplication of previously existing contents.

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  1. Inserting unnecessary keywords in numerous places in the contents which may be annoying to the readers.
  2. One of the common SEO mistakes is hiding texts for users but displaying for search engines.
  3. Instead of using descriptive anchor text using generic anchor text like ‘page’, ‘article’ or ‘click here’.
  4. Having page URL as the anchor text or using off topic anchor text that have no relation with the content it is linked to.
  5. anchor tag- common seo mistakesUsing excessively keyword filled or lengthy sentence or paragraph as anchor text.
  6. The list of SEO mistakes includes using generic filenames and image names like pic1.jpg, images1.jpg, file.txt, word.docx etc.
  7. Using extremely lengthy alt text or stuffing unrelated keywords in the alt tag is considered as one of the SEO mistakes.
  8. Heading tag is another common place where the common SEO mistakes occur. The header text may not be defining the structure of the page which can be a blunder.
  9. If you are using header tag excessively throughout the page then this might be hurting your SEO. Many times you can use <em> and <strong> tag instead of header tag.
  10. Many new bloggers keep the entire page texts inside the header tag for styling purpose which is another mistake in the list of our common SEO mistakes.
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  1. Another point in the our list of common SEO mistakes is not making proper use of webmaster tools like Google analytics to check what converts.


If you find any of these common SEO mistakes in your website then you may want to search for ways to fix them. What are the common SEO mistakes that you have made? Do share with us and also read our other article on “13 Basic Rules of SEO Which Every Bloggers Must Follow”.

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