What is WordPress and How Does it Work?

What is WordPress and how does it work type of question has been one of the frequently asked question in my life. I have given satisfied answer to all the people who ask me that type of questions. And here in this post, I am going to explain in details about what WordPress is and how it works.

I think you may have probably heard the term ‘WordPress‘ many times. But you may not know exactly what WordPress is and how  it works. So this post explains you what is WordPress and how it works. If you are really interested to work in WordPress field, this post can be very useful to you. From this post, you will know everything about WordPress that you need to know in the beginning stage of your WordPress journey.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management system released by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and is based on PHP and MySQL. Open source means you can use at free of cost and modify it.

Content management system is uncomplicated system where content creation, editing or updating contents etc. are easily done without any programming knowledge.What is WordPress

So, WordPress being content management system, allows you to manage the content without any coding or technical knowledge.

WordPress has been widely used these day because of its rich features and simple user interface. From blogging/news websites to business websites, there are millions of websites powered by WordPress.

How does WordPress work?

Due to open source, it can be downloaded at free of cost from its official website wordpress.org. And most of the web hosting companies has set up one click WordPress installation features so that new user need not be worry about many technical aspect during WordPress installation.

What is WordPress and How Does it Work
WordPress Architecture: What is WordPress and How Does it Work

To work effectively, WordPress needs some of the other important parts. Those important parts are

  • Database and
  • WordPress Theme

What is back-end in WordPress?

Every dynamic website comes with back end and front-end. WordPress is one of them. That’s why, there is back end in WordPress too.

But what is back end in WordPress?

From back-end, we can control many aspect of website. After installing WordPress properly in local computer or live server, you will get admin URL in the form of ‘yoursite.com/wp-admin’ and with this URL structure, you can access your website admin dashboard which works as back end of your WordPress website.

From admin dashboard, you can control your website such as WordPress basic setting, theme installation, plugin installation, content creation, plugin configuration and many more.

How does database work in WordPress?

You may have read many different articles or seen photos/images etc. on WordPress powered websites. It was possible due to the proper database connection. Without the proper database connection, no one can see the contents of that website. So if database is not connected properly, “Error Establishing a Database Connection” message is displayed on website homepage.

I have already mentioned that WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. MySQL is open source Relational Database Management system that uses Structured Query Language (SQL).

In web hosting companies who have one click WordPress installation features, database is created during WordPress installation. But those companies which have no one click WordPress installation features, website owner has to create database and install WordPress manually.

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If you want to work in WordPress in your local computer, then manual database creation plays an important role. Without database creation, you can’t install WordPress on your computer. So proper database connection is very important in WordPress.

After installation of WordPress and database connection, everything you post from your website admin dashboard will be stored in MySQL database which can be seen on homepage of your website.

That’s why database is the most important part of WordPress architecture that you need to know before working on WordPress.

How does front-end work in WordPress?

You just understood how important the database is in WordPress. And the next important part of the WordPress architecture is front-end. When we discuss about the front-end of any WordPress website, we’re talking about part of the website that we can see and interact with. The front-end consists of two parts: design and development.

In WordPress powered website, theme is responsible for front-end. WordPress theme is the collection file that work together properly to power the front end of the website or graphical user interface of website. Generally files are in PHP, JavaScript, CSS etc.

Probably, you may have visited many WordPress websites, but have you noticed something about its front end? One noticeable thing is everything what you see and interact with WordPress website is due to theme which is already installed on their server.

WordPress theme is made or coded in such a way that the website looks like what the developer and designer have already imagined. WordPress has certain guidelines to make theme and only those theme which are created under those guidelines work properly with WordPress. Otherwise it does not work. You can learn more about WordPress theme creation guide line in Codex section.

That’s why ‘theme’ is important part of WordPress architecture which you need to know.

Please write your thought on this topic “What is WordPress and How does it Work”. And if you are still confused with WordPress, please write your query in comment section below. I will reply you as soon as possible.

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