Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Nowadays, search engines have become the major routing source for the websites. Many of the users enter websites through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. All in One SEO Pack Plugin plays important role in optimizing WordPress websites in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This article shows steps to setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress.

Features of All in One SEO Pack Plugin

  • Using this plugin, meta information (title, description and keywords) can be added to any posts or pages.
  • It supports XML Sitemap and Google Analytics.
  • It provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) integration to e-commerce sites like WooCommerce.
  • Novice user can just install and use it as this plugin does not require any modification after installing to work further.

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Step 1. Plugin Installation

Plugin installation is simple. Go to Plugins > Add New. Search for “All in One SEO Pack”. Click on “Install Now” button to install it.


Step 2. Plugins Settings

After activating the plugin, a tab menu ”All in One SEO” appears under WordPress admin menu. Hovering it, three sub menu General Settings, Performance & Feature Manager appears by default.


Now you should click “All in One SEO Pack  > General Settings” where following options exists:


The first option in General Setting is of Canonical URLs. Once ticked, Canonical URLs are supported and duplicate content penalty from search engines like Google is avoided. In the General Settings, there are other several options which can be enabled just by ticking them. These are No Pagination for Canonical URLs, Enable Custom Canonical URLs,  Set Protocol For Canonical URLs, Use Original Title, Use Markup, Log important events etc.

Homepage Settings:


In the Homepage Settings, you can mention title, description and keywords for the homepage. If the Home Title is left blank, the plugin will use default title of the website. But leaving Home Description box blank, plugin will not use it for the homepage. Most of the search engines uses a limit of 60 characters for meta title.

In Home Description box, you can describe about the website including most valuable keywords for your site. Most of the search engines accept a limit is of 160 characters for meta description. If you want to use static page as front page, you have to  enable in the option “Use Static Front Page Instead”. For the cases where Static front page is enabled, that means a specific page is set as the homepage, the meta information can be edited through the page’s All in One SEO Box instead.

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Title Settings:

In Title Settings, you can set format for TITLE of different pages like home, Inner pages, posts, category, archive, date archive, author, tag, search, description, 404 page etc. By default, there is title rule set for each page/post in theme files. You can overwrite the theme title rules by enabling Rewrite titles. If it is enabled, the All in One SEO Pack plugin will overwrite the theme titles.

Please note that some of the options are checked by default as these give optimum or best results. So, simply leave these checked or chosen options by default.

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Custom Post Type Settings:

You can simply use All in One SEO Pack Plugin for custom post types in WordPress framework. There are various plugins that can generate their own custom posts, and this option allows these posts to have a meta information box of the plugin. For example, an eCommerce plugin generates its own posts URL for various products. Choosing this option lets user to update meta information from its own page.

You can choose the SEO title and descriptions to show in pages/posts/media through Display Settings.

Webmaster Verification:

You can verify Google, Bing Webmaster tools and Pinterest site using the verification code here. Verifying the ownership of Google and Bing Webmaster tools is much beneficial to  website in terms of SEO as different analytical reports (like crawling error report etc. ) can be obtained through these tools. Using these reports, different strategical plans can be made to improve overall SEO of the website. Pinterest also allows analytics about your site visitors if it is used with your website.

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Google Settings: 

In this section, you can use your Google Plus profile to add Google Verified Authorship. Then you need to add your site to the contributors section of the Google Plus profile. In this section, you can add Google Analytics ID to the website and can obtain various reports through Google Analytics for SEO analytical purpose.

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Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Noindex Settings: 

WordPress creates duplicate contents for a posts in category, year based archive pages, tag pages etc.  This duplication can be prevented  by not letting these posts indexed by search engines. This setting let user disable indexing of posts, pages, categories, media, date archives, author archives, tag archives, search page, 404 page etc as necessary.  By default, the plugin itself enables noindexing for category and archive pages, but it is recommended that you should un-check categories as these type of posts is useful for search engines. A nofollow can be used for paginated pages/posts. You can also  exclude your website from Yahoo Directory and the Open Directory Project from these setting options.

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Advanced Settings: 

If you are an experienced webmasters, these settings allows you to update options like avoid using excerpts in description, auto generate description, remove description from paginated pages, exclude pages, additional post/page/front page/blog page header etc. As this section is for advanced webmasters, it is wise to leave it as it is.

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Keyword Settings: 

All in One SEO Pack Plugin disables the keywords by default. If necessary, you can use keywords can be enabled through this section. Here, categories and tags can be used for meta keywords or keywords for posts/pages/archives can be generated automatically.

Now, the second sub menu is “Performance”. This can be accessed through “All in One SEO Pack > Performance”.

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

In this section, memory limit and execution time can be raised. Force rewrite can be enabled and system status can be checked.

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Third sub menu is “Feature Manager”.  This can be accessed through “All in One SEO Pack  > Feature Manager”. This sub menu consists of some additional features like XML Sitemap, robots.txt, Social meta, File editor etc. These features are considered as used by the website users using other plugins, so by default, these features are deactivated. To use these features, you have to activate it.

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Setup All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

  • XML Sitemaps: Once activated, XML Sitemaps can be created and submitted to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
  • Social Meta: Once activated, this option allows social media integration to the website.
  • Robots.txt: This will generate robots.txt to exclude URLs for search engines.
  • File Editor: This will allow editing .htaccess and robotx.txt file on the website.
  • Importer & Exporter: This option allows to import/export settings of All in One SEO Pack Plugin settings.
  • Bad Bot Blocker: This option prevents bad bots crawling your website that slows down the website.
  • Performance: By default, this is active and optimizes the SEO performance of the website.
  • Video Sitemap: It’s only available in Pro Version.

Pro Version: Pro version of All in One SEO Pack Plugin is available at $79 for Individual, $139 for Business and $699 for Agency. Individual License lets user to use the plugin in single site, Business License is for 10 websites whereas Agency License is for unlimited websites.

Features of Pro Version:

  • SEO features are enabled for custom taxonomies of WordPress.
  • Video XML Sitemap is enabled.
  • Premium support & knowledge center is accessible to pro users.
  • Advanced WooCommerce support is available in the pro version.
  • Video screencast can be accessed to pro users.
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