The Simple Way to Install Wordfence Security Plugin in WordPress

Security is the primary concern for all website owners. Wordfence is one of the best security plugin available for WordPress. It gives you a strong firewall to protect your site from getting hacked. Wordfence safe guards your site by blocking attackers, bots, crawlers and even entire malicious network. It also gives you the login security and regularly scans and monitors your site. In this article, we will show you how to configure and install Wordfence Security plugin in WordPress.

The Simple Way to Install Wordfence Security Plugin in WordPress

Installing Wordfence

In order to install Wordfence security plugin, as any other regular plugin, you have to go to Plugins > Add New from your admin dashboard.

wordfence Install Wordfence Security Plugin in WordPress

Once activated you will find a new menu item labeled Wordfence to your WordPress admin menu. When you click the Wordfence link you will be directed to Wordfence dashboard. In the dashboard, you can find your site’s security system including notifications, attack statistics, and Wordfence features.

dashboard Install Wordfence Security Plugin in WordPress]

Customization of Wordfence

Wordfence has so many features and customization options that you can use. Here are some features that you can try.

1. Wordfence Scan

Even with default customization of Wordfence, you can scan your website. To scan navigate to Wordfence > Scan dashboard menu. Simply click the START WORDFENCE SCAN button.

Wordfence will start scanning all your WordPress files. While scanning, Wordfence will check for file changes, infections, malicious URL, and backdoors. Once the scan is complete it will show the results. If any kinds of malicious code, malware, and corrupted files are found then it will recommend you with actions to fix those issues.

2. Wordfence Firewall

Wordfence provides strong firewall protection against threats and attacks by identifying and blocking attackers and malicious traffic. To set up the firewall protection, navigate to Wordfence > Firewall. In the Wordfence firewall page, click the Optimize the Wordfence Firewall button.

Wordfence will first detect your background configuration. You can also manually select your server configuration. Next Wordfence will ask you to download the current .htaccess file as a backup. Now .htaccess file will be updated and extended protection mode will be enabled.

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3. Wordfence Monitor and Blocking

You can manually block any suspicious IP address by going to Wordfence > Blocking.

There is another feature called live traffic that helps you to monitor all the IP visiting your site in real time. You can easily identify the bot traffic and exploit attempts. You can then block the individual IP or even the entire network from here.


4. Wordfence options and tools

There are plenty more advanced customization options that you can review by visiting Wordfence > Options. You can turn the various advanced features of Wordfence on and off from here. Similarly, you can also go to Wordfence > Tools and audit the password. Here you can also perform whois lookup and view diagnostic information to help debug information.


Website security is an important issue WordPress. We hope the article helped you to install Wordfence Security plugin in WordPress. If your article is already hacked  then you can follow our guide on “How to Recover Hacked WordPress Website.”

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