How to Make Money with Blog Using Simple Techniques

Making money online can be a very difficult task. If you have a high traffic website, then with right techniques you can have a constant flow of income along the road. In this article we will take a look at some methods that can make money with blog. Firstly you may need to optimize your website to make it SEO friendly. So it can attract relatively larger number of traffic. Social media marketing and following proper SEO rules can be helpful for attracting better traffic. However earning money should not be the primary motive of your website. You should focus more on providing quality service and building trust with the visitors.

How to Make Money with Blog Using Simple Techniques

Here are some quick tips that you can use to make money with your blog or website.

Affiliate marketing programming

Companies like Amazon, Shopify, allow commissions on referral. First you have to sign up for the affiliate marketing program given by the site and then you get a special link that you have to add in your blog. You get commission for every customer that signs up through your link. You get a high amount of cash for every sale made through your link. This can be a very effective way to make money with blog.

How to make money with blog using simple techniques

Direct advertisement

If your website or blog is really popular you can make money with direct advertisement in your site. You can allocate a certain space of website for aids and sell them. Companies will pay you fix price per week or per month just to advertise their product on your website. You get a constant flow income if you can find enough advertisers for your website. This method is a reliable trick to make money in blog and websites.

Pay Per Click

This is one of the most popular monetization strategies in websites. Google Adsense, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher and BidVertiser are some companies that provide the Pay Per Click facilities. The ads are easy to integrate on your website. You just have to insert the code block to show where the ads will appear. Once the code is implanted service automatically inserts the relevant ads according to your content. However you can also determine the type of ads that appear on your site and have full control over it. Ads comes in various forms like banners, sidebar text, links, in-text lines, full page ad, pop-up and pops under. They can be placed by plugin, hand-coding, shortcodes and more.

How to make money with blog using simple techniques

Sponsored Posts and product reviews:

There are number of companies and online services that will pay you for writing sponsored posts and reviews about their product. This works even better if your website is well established. You can directly get in touch with the advertisers or publish a notice informing that you are willing to accept sponsored posts. You usually write sponsored posts yourself or publish a pre-written review provided by product owners.

Selling Links

  If your website is really famous you can charge some fee with the website owner for keeping an outgoing link to their site from your website. A link from a famous website can boost Search engine ranking as well as increase traffic in many start up websites. Many website owners will be ready to pay you just to keep their links in your website. But there is a serious drawback of this whole process. Selling links is illegal according to Google. So you cannot advertise about this service. You cannot openly use this method because if words reached to the Google about this business your website can be penalized. So charge money for outgoing links at your own risk.

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Creating and sell products

If your website or blogs gets a great number of viewers regularly then it would be a great idea to create products and sell them. You can start an online store or eCommerce in your website. You can sell digital products like eBook, music, film, graphics, web templates, plugin, software and so on. Physical products with delivery system can also be used for sell. There are various plugin available for WordPress website system to start eCommerce.


Provide premium services

According to the type of your website, you can give some services to your visitors and charge money for it. The service could be online tutorials, live counseling, selling ideas or some freelance work. If the visitors believe in services you are offering, they will happily pay you to receive your service. You can also hire experts from various fields and sell their time and expertise to your customers on your website.


If you are using, you can use an advertising program called WordAds. First you have to apply for it. If you get selected you can earn money by showing ads on your blog. You can apply for WordAds from here.

Premium Membership

If you have really valuable contents in your websites that people are willing to pay for then you can start a paid membership program to your visitors. You can start restricting access to your full contents or valuable contents. Make these contents available only to paid members. If your contents are really valuable, then people will be attracted for being the premium members of your website and you can earn a healthy sum of money. Lots of plugin are available in WordPress to help you create membership feature in your site.

Membership 2, Paid Memberships Pro and Simple membership are good membership plugin.

You don’t have to be a genius to earn online. If you can provide what your customers want then there is always possibility of good earning. I hope the article gave you some ideas on making money with your blog.

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