How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

Installing WordPress on your computer has many benefits. Although it takes some more time for newbie to understand how to install WordPress on Windows computer using WAMP or XAMPP. But once installed, It opens the door of many opportunities in WordPress field. WordPress can be installed on Windows computer using XAMPP and WAMP. But here in this post, you will learn how to install WordPress on Windows computer using WAMP only.

Why to install WordPress on your computer and Who Install it?

  • To learn WordPress

Since WordPress is growing rapidly, there is no doubt that career in WordPress field has bright future. You can learn WordPress though YouTube and many WordPress tutorials sites. But it is not sufficient to learn WordPress though YouTube videos and tutorials sites. So you need to install WordPress in your local computer to learn WordPress.

WordPress has many features that needs to be understood. So if you are considering a making your career in WordPress field, the first step is to install WordPress on your computer. Upon installing WordPress, you will be able to learn WordPress.

  • To test new themes

WordPress theme is that which powers the front end of any WordPress themes. WordPress themes developers have no other choice than working on local environment while developing new WordPress themes. So almost all the WordPress theme developers install WordPress on local computer to make themes.

So if you have learnt to make WordPress theme through YouTube videos and tutorials sites, you need to install WordPress on your computer to start to make theme.

  • To test new plugins

Plugins are the most important part of WordPress. It change the general functionality of WordPress. Plugins can add more advance features into WordPress site. There are numerous plugins which are used on millions of WordPress sites. And some plugins are purchased more than 100 thousand time. So plugins developers have great futures and can make six figures money from the sales of plugins.

Due to it’s huge market, there are a lot of plugin developers. And they always make and test WordPress plugins on local environment.

  • Security

Security is one of the most important part of website. So having localhost environment for WordPress protect your site from all kind of security threat the website gets in recent days.

  • Speed

WordPress developers can develop and test their themes and plugins in a live server but doing so on local environment is faster than that of live server.

These are the main reasons to install WordPress on local computer.

How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

  • Download and install WAMP

This is the initial step of installing WordPress on your windows computer.

So, to download WordPress, first of all, go to  WAMP official site from where you can easily download the latest version of WAMP. You have to download either 32-bit version or 64-bit version of WAMP according to your windows on your computer.

How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

The installation process is very simple and you can easily install this software in your windows computer like other software. Run the installation program and follow each instructions shown on screen. in this way, you will complete the installation of WAMP on your Windows computer.

Once installed, you’ll be asked whether you would like to start the WAMP Control Panel, which provides an interface for running your localhost environment. Leave this option ticked and click Finish. Then start up both Apache and MySQL.

  • Download WordPress

The next step is to download WordPress. You can download it from official WordPress site. There you can see the latest version of WordPress.

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After downloading WordPress, extract it and rename it. Say, wpwebsite. You can give any name as you wish. Then, copy and paste ‘wpwebsite‘ inside the www folder of WAMP, i.e. C:\wamp\www

In this way, WordPress downloading and placement are completed.

  • Create database

Database is used to store contents of site, Contents are in the form of text, image, video etc. To store those contents, you need to create database. So, to create a database, type localhost/phpmyadmin in your favorite browser. Then, you are taken to a place as shown in fig. below where you will be able to create database.

How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

In localhost/phpmyadmin user interface,

  1. Click on Dataabases
  2. Give your name to database, give a name  ‘wpwebsite‘. You can give your desire name.

In this way, MySQL database is created.

  • Type localhost/wpwebsite in web browser and the click on Lets go! button.

Then you are asked to enter some details such as database, user name, password etc.

How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

Here’s what you need to enter.

  1. Database Name = wpwebsite
  2. User Name = root
  3. Password =
  4. Database Host = localhost a
  5. Table Prefix = wp_   *Note: You can write anything for table prefix and wp_ is default WordPress prefix.
  6. Click on Submit Button.

*Password field is left blank.

After entering all  the details about database connection and clicking on Submit button, you will be presented the following message box. Then, click on ‘Run the install‘ button.

How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

After clicking ‘Run the install‘ button, you are taken to a interface where you have to enter some details about your website such as site name, user name, password etc.

How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

Here’s what you need to enter.

  • Site Name ; Enter your site name
  • User Name : you can enter desire user name you like.
  • Password : enter your password.
  • Your Email : enter email address
  • Search Engine Visibility : don’t discourage to search engine to index

After entering some details about website, click on ‘Install WordPress’ button. And you are shown the success message as shown below.

How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

Then log in with username and password to access the admin dashboard of your WordPress. In this way, you can easily install WordPress on your Windows computer.

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